Jungle Camp 2023: Gigi Berofio and Cosimo Citiolo guarantee a good mood

“I am a star”
Cheers clowns! Gigi Birofio and Cosimo Citiolo create a jungle camp mood

Jungle Camp 2023: Gigi Berofio and Cosimo Citiolo

Gigi Peruvio and Cosimo Citiolo ensure a good mood at Jungle Camp 2023.


It hasn’t been fun for long: Jungle Camp 2023 has two comedians with Gigi Pirovio and Cosimo Cituolo. Then the drama faded into the background.

The buffo character appears in Italian opera in the eighteenth century: a role responsible for comedy and intended to make the audience laugh. Famous buffoons are Figaro in Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville” or Leporello in Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”. All of them constitute the antithesis of dramatic characters.

In “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” Tessa Bergmeyer has been responsible for the dramatic moments so far. Her outbursts contrast with two comic characters: Gigi Perofio and Cosimo Cituolo treat themselves – what a luxury! This year’s jungle camp equals two clowns.

They guarantee fun in Jungle Camp 2023

Both families come from the homeland of opera buffa, but this is actually unrelated. What sets the two apart above all else: They don’t even try to pretend they’re big. Others might put up a complicated facade – the two suspect she’s going to crash into the woods in the next couple of weeks anyway.

This is why they prefer to focus on their core competencies. Citiolo initially declared itself responsible for the entertainment. And he wasn’t shy about stretching out his proud belly to the camera. True to his motto: “You can’t pull your tail back.”

He did not do this either, on the contrary: when the candidates were searched by the dreaded guards before entering the forest, they found a banana in his underpants. Great slapstick in the best slapstick traditions. Stan Laurel wouldn’t dare do that!

“No finger in Po”

Law enforcement officers couldn’t help but search him thoroughly. “But no finger in the ass, eh?” exclaimed Citiolo. – At least then the audience was on his side. “It’s like a class in school, there is always a class clown,” Beautiful Ru said with a smile.

But Citiolo isn’t the only one. Above all, Gigi Perofio’s mission is to entertain. He doesn’t need much for it, as you can see from his self-description: “What am I doing with my life? I eat pasta. I can always sleep. I make TV.” Preparing for the jungle adventure, he licks his own semen, proudly revealing: “Then I realized: I’m ready.”

Armed in this way, Buffonan moved into the woods – initially leaving the stage to others. Above all, Tessa Bergmeier, with her frequent failures and conflicts, points out that the play to be presented in the next fortnight need not be a comedy.

Even Sonja Zytlow takes pity on the egg

But in a recent jungle test, the festival is back: Cissimo in particular gave a first-rate performance when he had to eat a bull’s testicle in his scrotum on a skewer. “It looks like gnocchi,” said the Italian German of the disgusting food. But instead of just stuffing the thing in his mouth, he sniffed it until he was gagged.

He didn’t win a star that way – but he had fellow campers laughing alongside him. And Sonja Zietlow had an understanding – with the egg: “We are putting an end to it now, because such an egg also has its dignity,” said the presenter.

That was the end of Jungle Test, but we’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more from Gigi and Cosimo in the next few days. Perhaps these are exactly the two clowns we urgently need to improve our mood in gray January.

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