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How close are joy and sorrow Jungle camp But they lied together!

Verena Kerth She (41) was upset about leaving the bush on Friday night – but she was more excited Her lover is Marc Terenzi (44), who even fell to his knees before his beloved Verena and finally proposed to her!

After a few kilometers, there were already threats of divorce: Katzenberger mom Iris Klein (55) accused her husband, Peter (63), who was accompanying Lucas Cordalis (55) at the Versace Hotel, of mixing hotel sheets with another companion. Suspect: Yvonne Wolcke (41 years old), friend and companion of the bush dweller Jamila Rowe (55).

“Sister” Zoff never ends

But there’s also plenty of gurgles on the warm fire of jungle events! Yesterday’s dispute between Tessa Bergmeyer (33) and Cecilia Asuro (26) It was ruthlessly carried over to the next day. The hitch: Cecilia asked her boyfriend not to address her too often with the word “sister” or “baby”. She took the order herself and said, “Enough, Cecilia! You just go away now and leave me alone!” Then Cecilia wept to herself. Dental office (23) Who: “I’m telling you, Gigi, this thing is making us sick in here. That scares me!”

Tessa (left) and Cecilia don't get along

Tessa (left) and Cecilia don’t get along

Photo: RTL

Indeed, on Saturday evening, the singer’s second tour followed. Tessa was hoping for a reconciliation and approached Cecilia: “Would you like to have a chat later?” She coldly declines the offer: “For what happened yesterday, I apologise, zero point zero percent, because you went completely crazy and I kept quiet by my standards.”

Reveal the secret of the hotel! This is what Verena and Mark did first

Once again, the different perceptions bump into each other – Tessa claimed: “You built yourself in front of me!” And the voices of the inhabitants echoed again so loudly in the wilderness that one or the other forest animal had to flee.

Some of them were Julina leads (30) and Marcus Morel (63) Then as for the jungle test on the plate: They had delicacies like beef nose and beef brisket. Tears ran down Julina: “I was thrown into my mouth three times!” The two Jungle Stars only get four stars out of eleven for their roommates: the next meal will be sparse by contrast.

throttle!  Jolina and Marcus struggled in the disgusting jungle test

throttle! Jolina and Marcus struggled in the disgusting jungle test

Photo: RTL/Stefan Thoyah

Marcus Morel was picked out of the woods

Small consolation perhaps: A resident could look forward to a decent meal, because onlookers were allowed to send one wild dignitary home again. In the end it was decided between the “I Want to Have Fun” singers Marcus Morel and Claudia Effenberg (57): at 00:08 the moderators threw Sonya Zytlow (54) and Jan Cobain (39) Then the conclusion: “Marcus, you have to leave the camp.”

The farewell was so warm that Julina even shed bitter tears after the decision: she brought her colleague from the test of disgust to her heart. However, Marcus doesn’t want to eat anything yet: “I think I’m going to stick with the diet until you’re out. Everyone.”

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