Jungle Camp 2023: Lucas Cordalis – That’s how much his net worth is

Ibis 2023
Lucas Cordalis net worth: This jungle camp candidate really has that much money

How rich is Lucas Cordalis really? Several sources agree that the jungle camp candidate’s wealth is impressive. And his “IBES” fees aren’t bad either.

in “I’m a celebrity get me out of here!Do only penniless celebrities share the laments? So does it Jungle Camp Candidates Like Cosimo Citiolo, that may be true, but it isn’t Lucas Cordalis. Daniela Katzenberger’s husband is a successful pop singer, composer, and producer.

  • Partner: Married to Daniela Katzenberger since 2016
  • Children: Sofia Cordalis (born August 2015)
  • Born: August 7, 1967 in Frankfurt am Main
  • Astrological Leo
  • Height: 1.88 metres
  • Instagram: Lucascoralis

Lucas Cordalis: His Achievements in the Music Industry

In 2002, Lucas Cordalis founded the successful record company “Supersonic Entertainment” in his adopted home in Mallorca. Before that, he achieved his first pop success as an artist: in 1992, at the age of 25, he released his first single, “Satellite”. His first album, ‘Viva La Noche’, followed five years later.

By 2021, his record label ‘Supersonic Entertainment’ has sold 10 million records. His participation in various compositions, production of CDs and texts brought the 55-year-old laureate several platinum and gold awards. In the in-house recording studio, he has already worked with stars like DJ Bobo and David Hasselhoff.

He had his biggest hit as a songwriter in 1996 with Worlds Apart’s “Baby come back”. The song has sold more than two million copies in France alone and charted in the top ten in 15 countries.

Jungle camp candidate lucas cordalis net worth

His decades-long career as a singer and music producer is said to have brought Lucas Cordalis great fortune. There are different statements about how huge his wealth really is. While the website www.dasvermoegen.com states 3.5 million euros, Fortune magazine estimates the amount of the term deposit account at 5 million euros.

No matter how much money he actually had, he would also receive a handsome reward for his appearance in the jungle camp in 2023. According to Bild’s information, he had received one of the highest fees in the jungle camp compared to the other candidates.

Lucas Cordalis: From jungle camp favorite to nonconformist?

After his father, Costa Cordalis, who has died in the meantime, receives the crown of the jungle in his first jungle camp season, he wants his son to do the same. in one Lucas Cordalis reported an emotional conversation with Cosimo Citiolo From the last few hours next to his father.

Leading up to this, Lucas Cordalis was considered the frontrunner to win the title by many “Ibis” fans. Lucas Cordalis had to wait a year to participate in jungle camp after his dream was shattered last year due to infection with the Coronavirus. And now this: in the ranks they make themselves RTL viewers mock the nominee: “Where’s Lucas?!one user wrote on Twitter. The reason: Lucas Cordalis didn’t have any air time at jungle camp the first week. Fans can catch IBES daily from 10:15pm on RTL when it says: “I’m a star – get me out of here”.

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