Jungle Camp 2023: Martin Semmelrog – That’s why he’s not there

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Jungle camp 2023: Here’s why nominee Martin Simmelrog lost

The jungle camp movie about Martin Semmelrog continues. IBES fans are confused: why hasn’t the candidate arrived in Australia yet? RTL is now suspended on the background.

January 14th update: Even on the second day in the jungle camp there was no sign of Martin Simmelrog. The convicted actor was not issued a visa. However, Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen confirmed on the show on Saturday that the last digit -09 in the IBES telephone vote will still be free for him – if he continues to come to Australia. And If not, they already have a suggestion: “Lambrecht goes to the forest camp and Semmelrogge to the mod.

Update from January 13th: Martin Semmelrog is missing from the beginning of jungle camp. Moderator Jan Coben said on the first edition of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here” that the actor is still stuck at Doha airport. The reason – as mentioned – problems with visas and entry. “Australian authorities wouldn’t really let him into the country. There may have been one or two previous convictions too many,” Cobben said. As RTL also announced, Australian authorities hadn’t issued Semmelrogge a visa yet. He certainly wasn’t there to begin with, I’ve seen it on TV.But will he move to jungle camp at a later date? RTL is leaving this open, writing expressly on their website that further updates will be given as soon as there is news.

January 12th update: There is news about Martin Semmelrog – and say goodbye to him Jungle campSharing seems less likely than before. Background: It appears that the previously convicted actor has not traveled to Australia due to visa issues, and RTL has been covered so far. One day before the start of jungle camp, the radio announces a new IBES candidate: sassy embassy beautiful Roo. This suggests that rye bread is no longer expected. But RTL announced at the same time that the reason for Semmelrogge will only be clarified in Episode 1 of Jungle Camp on Friday night.

RTL stands for “Production Reasons”

The original notification is from January 6: I make it Martin Semmelrog Are you still in jungle camp or not? In fact, the 67-year-old actor should have been in Australia for a long time. Because his participation in the 16th season of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here” has long been confirmed by RTL. And Other candidates are already on the ground in the country.

But the prominent former passenger was missing on the plane. “The later arrival of Martin Semmelrog has production reasons,” explained RTL. But time is running out, because the candidates still have to go through quarantine before they release each other into the jungle camp.

Martin Semmelrog is on board – but not in the direction of jungle camp

As reported by Bild, the IBES candidate boarded a plane on Thursday evening. However, Semmelrogge did not fly to Australia. But from Mallorca to Frankfurt.

According to the report, the decision on how to proceed should be taken on Friday. Semmelrogge may be able to fly to Doha soon, and hopefully fly to Australia from there – if it works out.

The real reason for the rye bread mess before the onset of IBES

Because “image” now wants to know the real reason back and forth. Accordingly, visa issues are supposed to be behind “production-related reasons”.

Due to his various previous convictions (drug use, hit-and-run, etc.), Semmelrogge is said to have a difficult time with the Australian authorities, who are known to be particularly strict when it comes to entry.

Can RTL solve these problems? For Semmelrogge it would be in his sights Jungle luxury camp fee At least it’s more than worth it. The clock is ticking louder and louder. According to Bild, bush camp candidates must be in Australia by Saturday evening (local time) at the latest in order to be able to undertake the agreed quarantine. If that doesn’t work for Semmelrogge, Australia already has one Naked asterisk as an alternative candidate for IBES Ready.

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