Jungle Camp 2023: The fans are angry at RTL moderators

After daily jungle camp on RTL,

In “The Hour After”, presenter Angela Finger-Arben spoke in detail about Julina Minin.Photo: RTL


Vera Siebnish

in the next day Jungle camp Dump Jolina Mennen. The YouTuber has spoken candidly about the moment she decided to move on. “When I saw the wedding photos, that’s when I said I needed to start my transition. It felt like the biggest lie of my life to me. And then I started talking to him,” she reports on the RTL show. Candidate Gigi is thrilled with Jolina’s husband’s reaction. “Has he gone through it all? Absolutely sweet, Ewa!” he thinks.

Jolina’s transition was also a topic on I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here! In an Hour. While guests Angela Finger-Erben and Olivia Jones are totally raved about with plenty of spunk and honesty, RTL is definitely taking a swipe on social media. Accusation: The broadcaster encourages tolerance and thus disregards the most basic rules. What happened?

Jungle Camp 2023: RTL Give tips and take cash

RTL was open on Saturday night Instagram post information post. The presenter gave tips about allergies language. In the post, RTL mentions various combinations that can be offensive to trans* people. At the same time, more extensive alternatives are offered. For example, you could say, “He was at Birth Determination of the female sex” instead of using the phrase “a girl was born.”

RTL is getting a lot of support for this, including from Jolina Mennen’s Instagram account. Many are pleased that RTL is aggressively addressing an important topic and wants to enlighten its followers. But some users immediately accuse RTL of not following its own advice.

The user writes below the image: “This post is very important and totally appropriate. Your supervisor in ‘The Hour After’ might have read it again.”

In fact, “The Next Hour” talks extensively about Jolina’s report and Gigi’s reaction to it. The guests in the studio are very excited by Jolina’s openness. Lutz van der Horst states that he is touched by the sight, and Natascha Ochsenknecht thinks Jolina is brave. Everyone involved makes sure to use the correct pronoun for Jolina and not address her by her “dead name”, i.e. the name she lived under before moving on. However, there are other commentators Opinion Is that the topic was not well covered in the presentation. For example, one person complains:

“Moderating in the after-blows show, ‘…that Jolina was a man’.”

Good vibes for Jolina and Gigi

It seems that not everyone at RTL is as sensitive to the topic as many are the people you will wish. However, the broadcaster also gets a lot of cheers for the post itself.

This also applies to Julina herself, who was told by those present in the “next hour” Promise Received a lot of positive feedback on their looks. Lutz van der Horst and Natasha Auchinknecht praise Julina for her openness. They also rated Gigi’s reaction as very positive, even if he chose somewhat unusual words for Jolina. But this shows again why it is so important to continue to educate people about how to be sensitive to transgender people.

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