Jungle Camp: A Cheating Drama in the Lucas Cordalis Family – Katzenberger React

Jungle camp
Cheating drama in the Lucas Cordalis family: Daniela Katzenberger’s reaction – second marriage in jeopardy

Lucas Cordalis fights for the crown at Jungle Camp. But he has no idea what kind of cheating drama is going on in his family at the same time. His wife, Daniela Katzenberger, also attended a crisis meeting. Now she is speaking personally.

Jungle camp filter Lucas Cordalis currently confirms that he wants to follow in the footsteps of his late father Costa and become the King of the Jungle. But he has no idea his family is currently making national headlines – but in a way that an IBES candidate won’t.

Jungle camp cheating drama: Did Peter cheat Iris Cline?

The focus of the drama: Lucas’ mother-in-law, Iris Klein, and mother-in-law, Daniela Katzenberger. Iris Cline raises serious allegations against her husband, Peter Cline, who is currently in Australia supporting her brother-in-law Lucas Cordalis as an escort.

Iris is convinced: her husband cheated on her at the Versace Hotel in Australia – with fellow Jungle Camp candidate Jamila Rowe, Yvonne Wolke. Iris Cline, who was actually at jungle camp herself, has publicly accused her husband of infidelity — in Instagram stories. She also deleted all the photos of the couple there, announced her departure from the joint home in Mallorca and made it clear that the marriage was over for her.

Julian FM Stoeckl: There was nothing between Peter Klein and Yvonne Wolke

As Julian FM Stoeckel said on RTL’s “Hour After” show on Monday, cheating rumors take a toll on the jungle camp buddies who are together at the Versace. Accordingly, there is a “cutting” mood. Yvonne Wolke is avoided by the others and she is often alone. The jungle camp entourage was also wary of Peter Klein.

Stoeckel, who was already in the woods camp, was convinced there was nothing between Klein and Woelke. Michaela Schiffer, who claims to be Woelke’s best friend, agreed with this view on the show. No photographic evidence or killer news either. You should ask Iris Klein why she made this accusation against her husband, Shaffer said.

Daniela Katzenberger on Crisis Top with Iris Klein

Iris Klein long ago deleted her Instagram Stories and made her account private as well, but the drama has already spread like wildfire.

Meanwhile, the whole family is also involved, as Bild claims to have learned. Accordingly, a crunch summit was held at the finca weekend for the Iris Klein family, to which Daniela Katzenberger also traveled. “Daniella is very upset about the situation,” an alleged insider told Bild. It wouldn’t be a miracle, after all, the incident isn’t exactly good publicity — Lucas Cordalis’ involvement in jungle camp suddenly seems like an afterthought.

Daniela Katzenberger expresses herself and hits the table

By the way, Peter Klein and the alleged relationship strongly denied these rumors. Bild also reported that Peter Klein reportedly gave his wife a love ultimatum after the trouble. Either she remains his wife – or he meets whoever he wants. De-escalation behavior looks different…

Meanwhile, Daniela Katzenberger herself commented on the matter. She is outraged by media reports that statements are put in her mouth and she hits the table. “This is straight from me personally: When two people are arguing, you have to keep your distance and you better keep your mouth (in this case mine).ze),” the cat posted to her Instagram story. So apparently there will be no further comment from her. And Daniela Katzenberger also wishes this secret from other people.

After the jungle camp, the second marriage is also in jeopardy

Not only is Iris and Peter Klein’s marriage now seemingly on the verge of an end. The marriage of Peter’s alleged affair with Yvonne Wolke has been in serious jeopardy since the rumors surfaced.

Djamlia Rowe’s companion is furious with Iris Klein and says to the photo: “By her reckless posts, not only was her marriage on the verge of ending, but also mine was almost on her conscience. My husband is not currently talking to me after all your nonsense.” Hamburg It is uncertain whether this will remain the case.

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