Jungle Camp – Day 2: “Because of these people there have been wars”

Gigi is in Turkey, Cosimo is committed to the environment and Jamila doesn’t know if she even exists. Day 2 in the woods has a lot to do with the number 13. Bad mood, hunger, stress and tears: There’s Satanic Cabin Fever.

Is everything terrible! We are only counting the second day and in the jungle camp there is already a hint of cabin fever. Problems everywhere! And then Gigi has to dread that nasty “nervous phase” that always starts when she’s running out of asses. Halfway to Turkey, the 23-year-old lets himself get ripped off by his quartz-wearing colleagues. In such difficult hours, one sucks for what one can get.

The second day at camp feels a bit like Jacob van Hoedes and Els Lasker Schuller wrote his own screenplay. The pain of the world spreads, especially with Jana, who reflects on the state of the land and sheds her bitter tears. It is “upstream” that such a “great unconscious” prevails. A person thinks a lot about the material things that he needs next and that he thinks will make him happy.

RTL deliberately cut out various scenes that illustrate the gruesome situation. On the one hand, there’s URKRAFT Pallaske and the “Old Wise Trees” and below camp you can see what true happiness means to many: cooperation, followers, “blue ticks”.

Parents feeling ashamed

The day begins in winter. Tessa doesn’t like water, it “tastes bad” and everything “tastes like ash”. Claudia, the head of the camp, finds that the form “doesn’t fit here”. Conversations between the newcomers in the woods make the viewer feel like Cosimo: a little disappointed. For example, Babis reports that he still has 25 siblings and that his parents basically didn’t know he was a model and gay. His conservative family did not accept this, and he did not want to “disgrace” his mother.

His life as a model allowed the 46-year-old to buy his parents a home in Senegal, and he wanted to make his mom proud, even if he didn’t know those feelings about himself. Homophobia is rampant in his home country. If he showed up there in one of his red carpet robes, he’d go straight to jail. Abi’s story is poignant, but it doesn’t appear superimposed like some jungle stories.

Jolina also tells her story. Her life as a boy, her hormone therapy, and sex reassignment surgery. She cares about her husband and “Gigi” who unfortunately still has something to shoot for, says, “It’s a beautiful love story.” Incidentally, the “cute” nonsense slowly but surely turns out to be the front runner on the show. For with his misplaced but endearing flair, sentence after sentence, he creeps into the audience’s hearts. Oh, if only he could now smoke thirty packs of cigarettes in a row!

But now she’s over 13!

But Jamila has completely different problems. She doesn’t even know if it exists. Do people in Germany know that she is in the woods? After all, she is the alternate candidate for Martin! He was No. 12 while she was No. 13. Please let’s all believe in Jamila! She’s also in dire need of a new fridge! When you finally tell Claudia in the night that her 15-year-old dog recently died, you immediately want to give her a hug. Because especially on the mean Twitter, he’s making horrific compliments about their looks. But now she’s over 13! Rotten Mouth heroes might break a tooth on a piece of camel sausage!

Breathe first with Jana! Also, Claudia, who has slowly arrived at the camp, thinks the idea is great. Because after that conscious gasping for air, you’ll instantly have better energy and don’t think Cosimo, the old plum, is totally irritable on day two for lack of sleep and simply steals away from the Night’s Watch. In addition, feeling internal despondency, he was not elected “chief” of the Bumi troupe.

But Neckar’s checker, who “used to be a stripper,” wouldn’t be who he is if he didn’t have great advice ready to make our everyday lives easier. Dirndl Aunt Effenberg has just come from the forest toilet and is gloating about running out of wet wipes. But Cosimo knows the environmentally harmful properties of butt cleaning rags and suggests a first-class life hack. Just take the paper and spit on it – “Do you also have a wet tissue?”

“I don’t want to hurt animals”

Sometime on that rainy day, Tessa has to crawl into the underground sewer system to search for the stars. Then I thought of the next problem. Tessa is afraid of hurting animals. Crabs, cockroaches and spiders. Pushing the little creep aside is also out of the question. yes. Concept. We accept and respect. We understood right away.

Jungle camp on TV

“I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” It can be seen daily at 10:15pm on RTL, Fridays at 9:30pm. And of course broadcasting Also available on RTL+.

Here’s the 33-year-old’s short version of why she only brought three stars “for home”: “I don’t want to hurt animals. I don’t want to hurt animals. I don’t want to hurt animals. I don’t want to hurt animals. I don’t want to hurt animals.” . I don’t want to hurt animals. I don’t want to hurt animals…” Dear Tessa, we got you!

For dinner there is a dove of peace and Cosimo’s certainty: “There have been wars because of people like that.” And because the two love each other so much, they can dance until the next jungle audition together.

A sentence to Jan Cobben: Hey, Jan, would you please be nice and set your own accents? Don’t walk after Sonya like that! We miss Daniel enough already!

So now please ring the neighbor bell to pass on Cosimo’s awesome butt cleaning tip. You will see, he will be so happy that he will breathe in your face!

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