Katja Krasavis speaks candidly about Dieter Bohlen

Katja Krasavis at the recording of the TV show MDR Sputnik presents: Leony's friends in Täubchenthal.  Leipzig, December 14, 2022 *** Katja Krasavis presents at the recording of the TV show MDR Sputnik…

Katja Krasavis was a guest on Stern TV and talked about Dieter Bohlen.Bild: www.imago-images.de / IMAGO / Future Image


Beliranda Chabani

One of the smallest villages in NRW Suddenly on everyone’s lips. Climate activists occupy Lützerath and on the morning of 11 January the village is taken by police Survey. Convicted young woman in Internet fagot DSDS is back and has a new juror with Katia Krasavis. Steffen Hallaschka discusses these topics with his studio guests on Wednesdays.

Lützerath and the fight for coal

The small village of Lützerath in Erkelenz has become the focus of climate protests. Energy company RWE plans to clear the area around the Garzweiler open cast lignite mine in order to excavate the coal beneath it. Climate activists oppose this and have occupied the village.

On the morning of 11 January the village was mostly cleared. The police managed to quickly penetrate the village and overrun the activists, reports Stern TV’s Andreas Suse correspondent. Many of the activists barricaded themselves in trees and rooftops. Others chained themselves or anchored themselves to wooden platforms. They are determined to persevere till the end and save the village in the coalfields.

FFF activist Pauline Pronger is in the studio and reports her impressions: “The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has been campaigning in the last few days to clear the village peacefully and then the police escalated today. Nothing else justifies it.”

Not everyone wants or can handle stress. Many activists are voluntarily escorted abroad by emergency services. For them, the whole thing remains without consequences. Andreas Söss is on the scene and reports that both sides are ready to use violence. Some of the squatters were said to have thrown stones and Molotov cocktails at the emergency services. Most activists will duty But refuse, so Sause.

Several videos of the evacuation have been shared online:

How does a young woman convict a child offender?

Also a theme in the show: On the streaming service Twitch, 24-year-old Celine Hofkin runs into an old acquaintance and instinctively has a bad feeling. His contact with children indicates pedophilia. She listens to his channels and her suspicions are confirmed more and more. Hofkin decided to investigate and single-handedly investigated Martin H., a 39-year-old man.

In his online streams, she pretends to be an 11-year-old girl who is looking for a private connection with Martin H. He responds to the contact and sends her his WhatsApp number and texts her constantly. It doesn’t take long for him to engage in inappropriate perverted behaviour. He knows he’s talking to a girl who’s allegedly 11, asking her about the size of her breasts, and he wants to cuddle her and teach her how to “foreplay”.

Celine Hofkin hopes and with so much evidence, she goes to the police. And indeed it turns out: Martin H Hatt Kinder He was severely sexually assaulted and imprisoned for several years.

Wherever there are children, there are also potential perpetrators

Celine Hofkin and attorney Chan Ju-jun sit in the studio, and thanks to Celine’s own investigation, Martin H. is declared guilty by the court. He faces five years in prison, followed by remand. “Theoretically, this can last a lifetime,” explains lawyer Chan Ju-jun.

However, Hofkin could have exposed herself to prosecution on her own initiative: “You quickly commit crimes yourself if you expose such people in public. But in this case it went well,” the lawyer explains.

The Internet, as today’s modern playground, can be dangerous for children. Wherever there are children, there are also potential perpetrators. So should parents And children are more aware that the gaming industry is not interested in tightening the youth protection law, reports Jun.

With their research and effort The job Behind it, Celine Hoffkin is pretty complacent: “If I only saved one child, the whole thing would have been worth it to me.”

Juror Katja Krasavice sets an example for the LGBTQ community in DSDS

In a few days the new and final season “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” will start. The offer is 20 years old. The first season continued in 2003 with the winner Alexander Klaus. Songs like “Take Me Tonight” and “We Have a Dream” make nostalgic references.

Just in time for the anniversary, a very special actor returns, and he’s given the show his own very personal spin. pop titan Dieter Bohlen He found his way to the jury’s office. The seats next to him have been replaced by many different people over the years the people Busy. This year, rapper Katja Krasavis took a spot on the jury. She is a studio guest and is introduced by moderator Steffen Hallaschka as the “master bitch with pussy power”.

The first scenes of the upcoming season “DSDS” will be recorded. Many crazy candidates get to the cast, just as you know from the “DSDS” story. You can see the colorfully dressed Katia Krasavis, who wants to support the LGBTQ community with her rainbow outfit:

“I sewed several LGBTQ flags together and wore them. I wanted to make a statement with them.”

Halachka asks her about working with Dieter Bohlen. “He’s a tough guy, but he’s also funny. He’s just ‘DSDS'”, describing her fellow jurors. She adds that the first day of shooting was very emotional. Halachka asks “Are you now the heart next to Macho Pop?” It is she who brings a new path. Because of her own background, she will also be interested in the candidates’ story.

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