Katja Krasavis was disappointed after Bohlen’s sexual questions – this was how she reacted

Katja Krasavis at the recording of the TV show MDR Sputnik presents: Leony's friends in Täubchenthal.  Leipzig, December 14, 2022 *** Katja Krasavis presents at the recording of the TV show MDR Sputnik…

Katja Krasavis has a clear opinion of her fellow jury member Dieter Bohlen.Bild: Imago / Image of the Future


Vera Siebnish

The latest episode of “DSDS” caused even before it was aired on television for addresses. Veteran juror Dieter Bohlen, known for his blunt statements, has approached reality TV star Jill Lange. “Did you just have Daddy and let yourself get full?” He wanted to know from her.

Clear crossing of boundaries for the candidate. “But Dieter got personal and it wasn’t all shown. I have to say it here because these things don’t work. Dieter insults me,” Jill then explained on her Instagram story.

RTL sees no problem airing the episode on TV on Wednesdays as it can already be seen on RTL+. “In the course of the discussion about Jill’s dating show experiences, we saw no reason to cut dialogue from the show,” the broadcaster said.BuildBut not only does Gil find the incident extremely violent, Bohlen’s fellow jury member Katja Krasavis spoke on the subject and made a clear statement.

Katya Krasavis, a member of the jury of the “DSDS” show, is critical of the entertainment industry

catgas Opinion Yet Bohlen’s behavior is only an isolated case. “We have a lot of old whites men In the industry – be it the music industry or the film industry – that still exists Thin You speak condescendingly, ”she notes, according to“BuildTherefore, it is especially important for her to educate women about this problem. Because:

“It’s almost impossible to change men over 50, even if you fight for it every single day.”

That’s why I tried to support Jill. She needs to be herself and not pretend to be, and not do something bad, Katya tells her. But Katya believes the problem can now be addressed.

Bohlen comments on the allegations

Katya notes that “in the last 60, 70, 80 years” a lot of mistakes have been made. But she is also convinced: “The new generation is growing up with the right values, thank God. We are stronger women, we are louder, and we don’t hide from anyone.” Jill has now confirmed exactly that with her blunt statement after Bohlen’s attack.

The pop giant himself initially spoke only indirectly on this topic. He shared on his story a statement from a fan who also believes Jill should have expected this criticism from Bohlen. On Monday it became clearer.

Bohlin amused by a fan's statement about Krasavys.

Bohlin amused by a fan’s statement about Krasavys.photo: dieterbohlen / instagram.com

On his Instagram story, the 68-year-old shared three other fan opinions that were clearly pro-planks. For example, one follower wrote: “Please don’t apologize under any circumstances!” “But something like that,” the DSDS juror commented succinctly and subtly. Of the last story, he finally said, “This is the end of it for me.” So Bohlen still can’t keep his mouth shut.

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