Kristen Bell joins wellness platform Hers as a mental health ambassador

Kristen Bell has joined the health and wellness platform to her as the company’s first mental health ambassador.

Starting from today , The good place The actor will appear in two spots for the brand that encourage conversations for those suffering from anxiety and depression to explore treatment options.

Bell and husband Dax Shepard have been outspoken for some time about the importance of destigmatizing mental health. She is among the rising tide of talent in Hollywood who are using their influence to elevate the conversation and the business. Selena Gomez co-founded The Mental Fitness Project wondermind Last year and more recently, she shared her story of struggle in an Apple TV+ documentary my mind and me, And Jonah Hill highlights therapist Phil Stutz’s approach to brain health in the new Netflix
document Stutz. Black mafia family the actor Da’Vinchi will be launched He tours historic black colleges and universities later this year to share his journey in the field of mental health.

“The stigma surrounding talking about your mental health and well-being — I just don’t understand it,” says Bell. “Why do we as a society not elevate people to take over their brains, and say, ‘What do you need to feel better?'” “

Bell says Shepard was the one who initially encouraged her to open up about her own journey. He said: You have to tell the whole story about yourself. And I realized there was a huge gap between who I was giving to the world, sometimes even to my close family members, and what I really felt on the inside.”

Since then, she says, “I’ve been an open book about my struggles with anxiety and depression. I want people to feel in control of their lives and in touch with themselves.”

Her one-on-one care includes access to psychiatry services, virtual therapy, free support group sessions, and on-demand therapeutic education. Customers who sought psychotherapy through the Hers platform and who were prescribed medication by a licensed healthcare provider reported improved PHQ and GAD scores about four weeks after seeking treatment, according to the company.

“Talking about mental health has never been more important. At Hers, we feel strongly that more people need to understand the resources available for mental health and that everyone deserves access to affordable, effective treatment,” says Hilary Coles, co-founder and vice president. First for brand and innovation, Hims & Hers.

“Mental health is a topic close to home for many, and often times a difficult topic to talk about. Not until recent years have some people been more open about their mental health and advocated the importance of proper care, and I think part of that development is due to celebrities being being transparent about their mental health.”

“By talking about their own struggles publicly, celebrities help break down long-standing stigmas that society has created around certain topics — mental health is one such important topic.”

Working with Bell, Coles says “we feel she can help people feel supported, safe and confident in approaching their mental health journey virtually, which is very important to us as a mental health platform. We are definitely watching and listening for the impact it will have to determine how A partnership like this can help more people and fight stigma around mental health.”

The Hers partnership will also benefit Bell’s creative studio and production company Denshire Productionslaunched in 2022, to conceptualize, produce and implement the creative campaign.

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