Leslie Jones is taking over the Daily Show with her signature brand of mayhem

Find next The Daily Show host started. After a five-week hiatus leave Trevor NoahAnd The Daily Show He returned to Comedy Central last night with Saturday Night Live alum Leslie Jones behind the desk. Game and relieved, Jones stepped into the shoes that Noah so easily vacated, making the party her own—for this week, at least. Jones is one of the few hosts announced, including Wanda Sykes, DL Hughley, Chelsea Handler, And Sarah Silverman.

As for her literal shoes, Jones was greeted with a slight coolness The Daily Show studio audience while donning a pair of Ugg slippers, a representation of how comfortable the comedian can feel behind a desk. Once the cameras started rolling, Jones wasted no time in picking up where Noah left off and highlighting the importance of the Black Women’s Voices platform in American politics. “First, I’d like to give a shout-out to Trevor Noah,” Jones said at the top of the show. “One of the things that moved me the most about his last show, he said if you really want to learn about America, talk to black women. Well, guess who’s coming to dinner?”

with jones, The Daily Show The arduous journey of finding a permanent replacement begins after Noah’s seven-year stint running the office. Headache-y hosting cascade like Jay Leno to Conan O’Brien to Jimmy Fallon drama The Tonight Show And the laconic and confusing week so Mike Richards hosted Risk! She points out that passing the baton on excellent performances isn’t necessarily easy. since its inception, The Daily Show Three official hosts: Craig Kilburn from July 22, 1996 through December 17, 1998; Jon Stewart, from January 11, 1999 through August 6, 2015; and Noah, from September 28, 2015 through December 8, 2022. Jones is the first of five comedians lined up to guest host The Daily Show in one-week increments, but the possibilities are endless as to who will book the gig full-time, when (and it is worth saying, if) will be assigned to this host.

While Jones isn’t necessarily known for political comedy, she bounced among news stories with her signature verve and commitment, electrifying audiences. She started the show by discussing the latest political scandal: President Joe BidenSecret documents found in a garage near his Corvette. “This is a national security emergency, okay? A guy this old has access to a Corvette?” she quipped, before breaking into a part of “Greased Lightnin’.” She then impersonated the woman who was responsible for delivering the classified documents to Biden, joking that she had “smoked the most fun of my life” and urged Biden to “be cool with the documents.” The joke wasn’t overly analytical, but it was fun and sharp nonetheless.

Jones really came alive when she was given the space to be her irreverent self and talk about issues that were akin to her own experiences as a black woman. In a segment about the controversial statue of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King that was recently unveiled in Boston, Jones had the audience go into fits of describing how the statue looks pretty much like, well, cunnilingus. “I spoke to the whites for a second,” she said. “Whites: You don’t have to say anything about that statue, do you understand? Black hands only. You need to sit in the back of the bus for this, okay? This is the symbol of our civil rights…going down on his wife,” she said with a suitably long pause before perforated line. Then she turned to another camera and addressed another section of the audience. “Well, black people, what the hell are we going to do? We gotta talk about this because you know it’s messed up when black people and proud boys hate the same statue,” she said, making her laugh so hard.

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