Live broadcast: Villarreal 2: 1 Real Madrid

Real Madrid wants and needs to get back on its feet quickly after the Supercopa defeat against Barcelona. That should work now against Villarreal in the last 16 of the Copa del Rey. Will the Whites prove their quality to come back in the Copa del Rey in all places? Knockout duel in REAL TOTAL LIVE.

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57. GOOOOOOOOOOOOL DE VINÍCIUS JUNIOOOOR! Real life finally makes it fast! Benzema and Daniel Ceballos, who have just joined them as a substitute, are just one-two on the edge of the penalty area. Ceballos passes the second ball directly to Vinicius, who passes the Villarreal goalkeeper on the right from eleven yards! I did well!

56. Change: Ancelotti is now bringing in Marco Asensio and Daniel Ceballos for Rodrigo Joyce and Toni Kroos.

53. Chukwueze ran well up the front again, catching the ball from Moreno and trying to pass Militao to the right. The Brazilian puts his foot between them just in time and is able to prevent the Nigerian from being completely free on goal.

51. The game has already turned more into half white. The home team is still not as clearly superior as it was at times in the first half, but if Real continue to do nothing, it won’t last long.

47. As expected, Villarreal is once again aggressive in duels and coming off with a bang.

46. The second 45 minutes straight! Carlo Ancelotti continues unchanged for the time being!

rest time! Real Madrid leads 2-0 at La Ceramica! The hosts are present, aggressive and committed – too committed for the Madrid side to respond in the moment. In the last 15 minutes of the first half some small progress could be seen, but none of which put the opposition in danger. Villarreal plays better and deserves to lead. Can Real “Remontadas” be? It will appear in a few minutes. we will be back!

47. Concentration also drops: Toni Kroos plays a pass in the middle from behind, which Gerard Moreno easily intercepts and turns into a shot on goal. Fortunately, this one spins above the box.

45. How frustrating for Real Madrid! They increased their attacking effort and at least got into the opponent’s penalty area and then FC Villarreal increased. Los Blancos invest too little and give the opponent too much space!

42. GOOOOL DE SAMUEL CHUKWUEZE! 2-0 in favor of Villarreal! Gerard Moreno neatly volleys the ball past Chukwueze, who runs into clear space and curls the ball into the right corner from seven yards to Thibaut Courtois.

39. Jeremy Pino is completely free on the left and plays the pass deep to Alex Baena, who crosses him on the right and dares to shoot. The defense attempt almost landed on Pino’s feet again, but Nacho threw himself into the middle and was able to prevent the score.

36. Once again Mendy comes out on top and stops the ball at the goal line. Rodrygo waits behind and makes the pass, but his shot is deflected. The real becomes more active!

35. Ferland Mendy runs forward, catching a cross from Benzema on the left edge of the box and being able to pull away freely. Nice try, but the Frenchman puts the ball too centrally, and goalkeeper Philip Jurgensen can simply catch the ball.

32. Villarreal really show commitment. Three players pin Eder Militao on the corner flag to preserve the chance of a goal. This doesn’t work out in the end, but it shows the will of the team in yellow.

30. Samuel Chukwueze dances Antonio Rudiger at the corner flag, then returns it to Gerard Moreno, who finds Capoue with a cross. He takes the ball straight from the sixteen, but doesn’t hit it properly and can’t hit it on goal as a result.

27. For a brief moment, the Whites unite around the hosts’ penalty area, but they are tenacious, react quickly and once again do not let the Real attack finish.

24. When trying to save, Vinicius was stopped for a foul that still occurred in his own half. A free kick does not lead to a goal-scoring opportunity, just before the opponent’s penalty area ends again.

22. After about 20 minutes, the same problems appear as in the Supercopa final against FC Barcelona, ​​Real have to focus on defense and they haven’t shown much attacking yet.

20. Mendy tries to send a high ball to Vinicius on the left, but it is intercepted before the Brazilian can take off.

18. Good chance to make it 2-0! Pino and Capoue combine in the Blancos penalty area, pulling the 1-0 scorer from the edge of the box and chasing the ball off the left post!

10. The Royals find it difficult to get into the game, Villarreal want to control the game and they are immediately there even if they lose the ball.

6. So was the shock the Blancos had at the start, even though they wanted to come back quickly. It now requires some work to make up for the Yellow Submarine deficit.

4. Villarreal leads from Etienne Capoue! That shot was worth its weight in gold! Throwing wide, it reaches Capoue after passing it, who takes the ball straight and drives it over the edge of the six-yard box from an acute angle and smashes the ball halfway into the far corner! Great ending!

3. As usual, Villarreal starts boldly here and tries to attack immediately. There is a throw-in by the hosts near the Real Madrid penalty area.

1. Here it begins!

In a few seconds, the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey between Villarreal and Real Madrid begins!

Starting from the eleventh! Villarreal starts with: Jurgensen – Foyth, Albiol, Pau Torres, Alberto Moreno – Capoe, Parejo, Alex Baena – Chukwueze, Gerard Moreno, Jeremy Pino.

Starting from the eleventh! Real Madrid starts with: Courtois – Nacho, MilitaoRüdiger, Mendy – Valverde, Kroos, Camavinga – Rodrygo, Benzema, Vinícius.

Bank: Lunin, Lopez, Vallejo, Odriozola, Vinicius Tobias, Ceballos, Mario Martin, Hazard, Asensio, Mariano.

conclusion: Everything as expected! Nacho Fernandez was initially expected to defend on the right, as he is also the safe option compared to Álvaro Odriozola or Castilla Tempe’s Vinicius Tobias. Inside, Éder Militão and Antonio Rüdiger have to fix it up again – that hasn’t worked out lately. Toni Kroos can be expected in midfield at number six, and Eduardo Camavinga can play there too. Explosive: You might think that Carlo Ancelotti now has only two players on the bench that he trusts: Dani Ceballos and Marco Asensio… Is that enough against a team that has recently shown you the limits?

Grafik: REAL TOTAL“>Startelf Real Madrid Zoom in

Here’s how Los Blancos start at Villarreal – Graphics: True Gross

Personal: The situation of the staff does not make the situation any better or is more likely to be one of the causes of the current problems. Missing in defense Lucas VasquezAnd Daniel Carvajal And David praises Three players. Still another painful loss Aureline Choameni, who, like Alaba, could not be in the two Supercopa matches. Luka Modric is also missing recently. Ancelotti said in the press conference that the midfield strategist is still at his best after the World Cup efforts. Because of the many failures in Real’s defense, Carlo Ancelotti takes Vinicius Tobias to Villarreal, who could make his professional debut. As always, you can find out more about the expected staff and lineup at Preliminary report Read.

Hello and good afternoon! It’s been a while since the atmosphere at Real Madrid was so calm before a game. the Defeat in the Supercopa against Barcelona He confirmed the weakness of the current level of the Blancos, and now Villarreal comes in the King’s Cup. Only in La Liga did it lose 1: 2 to Yellow Submarine. The key word is algebra. The last 16 in the Copa del Rey can also give a team renewed confidence should they win, and Carlo Ancelotti agrees: “It’s going to be a tough game. But we feel that and we’re motivated to get out of this situation quickly. We see it as a great opportunity.” The Italian said Press Conference. As of 9pm it will be clear whether the royals are taking advantage of this opportunity or have to accept another setback. In the real total-Live bar as well I am television You can continue the game.



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Live broadcast: Villarreal 2: 1 Real Madrid

Real Madrid wants and needs to get back on its feet quickly after the Supercopa defeat against Barcelona. That should work now against Villarreal in the last 16 of the Copa del Rey. Will the Whites prove their quality to come back in the Copa del Rey in all places? Knockout duel in REAL TOTAL LIVE.

LIVE: FC Villarreal 2:1 Real Madrid

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