Lucas Cordalis causes outrage – close people react

Suddenly Lucas Cordalis is making negative headlines at jungle camp.

Suddenly Lucas Cordalis is making negative headlines at jungle camp.Photo: rtl

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In the second week of the current jungle camp season, things get really turbulent. After Lucas Cordalis could barely be seen for the first few days, he suddenly came into focus – but not in a positive way. On Thursday’s edition, for example, the feud between him, Gigi, and Abby escalates after a food test. In the end, Lucas advises Gigi to reconsider his parenting. several fans He put forward the thesis that Lucas had deliberately failed the exam earlier. But that’s not how it stays.

In the ‘Next Hour’ on RTL, former nominee Eric Steivest made allegations against the 55-year-old. One sentence in particular pissed him off.

Jungle Camp: Allegations of Homophobia According to Cordialis’ Sentence

The show discussed when and where the feud between the three candidates began. “I think it started while trying the food,” Eric said. By that he meant a specific statement from Lucas.

Right before the exam, he explained to fellow activist Babis Loveday that he’d had “less swallowing practice” himself. Eric understands this ad, whether it was intended to be funny or not, as a homophobic comment against gay candidate Babis:

“Saying something like that in a place like this is absolutely homophobic.”

Jungle Camp: These stars have caused the biggest scandals


Jungle Camp: These stars have caused the biggest scandals

Source: rtl

Jungle Camp: The spectators are also shocked

Many fans also noted this moment negatively. Someone said, for example, “Think first before you give up on such a saying.” Twitter towards Corrales.

It was later hailed that Eric Stevest brought up the topic in “The Next Hour”. “I thought it was good that he addressed Lucas’ lousy saying again,” one viewer wrote.

Consequences of Lucas Cordalis?

Now it remains to be seen if the crowd will take action on Friday and Lucas Cordalis may have to leave camp. Until now he has never been a fragile candidate in televoting, but that may change now. On the net, it seems like most fans are currently on the side of Gigi and Babies. While the former is frequently praised for its honesty, some accuse Cordalis of playing it the wrong way.

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However, the latter has also mentioned on the show that he had problems swallowing things: “I couldn’t swallow a couple of things because I can’t swallow physically. I’ve tried everything.” In this regard, his revelation to the fathers is still paradoxical.

Jenny Frankhauser defends Lucas Cordalis

His sister-in-law Jenny Frankhauser also confirms this justification in typical Palatine fashion: “He has a dry mouth. That’s exactly what he meant.”Frankhauser defends it. Perhaps the audience’s criticism of her did not pass either. In the middle of the night she publishes another story in which she attempts to explain Lucas’ spell. “At this point our gay and lesbian friends laugh heartily,” her remarks begin.

Jenny Frankhauser

Bild: screenshot/jenny_frankhauser

According to her statement, Lucas “meaned exactly what he said.” “I can’t let the criticism stand like this,” she said, shortly after midnight. “It’s not like that.” It remains to be seen if that’s enough of the jungle watchers to keep him in camp.

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