Lucas Cordalis takes off – Gigi becomes clear

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Lucas is not befriending his behavior at camp Photo: rtl


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Lucas Cordalis recovered on Day 14 Jungle camp especially in fans make it unpopular. After he failed the jungle test, many assumed he had the intention of making his fellow campers look bad.

Lucas came to the show with big goals. He wants to bring back the title won by his father, Costa Cordalis, back into the family. But on the 15th it became clear: Lucas not only did not manage to cope with the fans, but also no longer had a good reputation with his colleagues. They are now settling scores with him who live in the camp.

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There hasn’t been such a good atmosphere since this jungle test Photo: rtl/Stefan Thoyah

Jungle camp: Gigi finds behavior ‘very, very strange’

Lucas seems to suspect that Zoff with parents and Gigi might cost him some sympathy. Because almost outwardly he is suddenly trying to get along with his fellow campers. He was sitting alone by the fire with his father, trying almost desperately to strike up a conversation with him. But the model shows little interest in the conversation and lets it run wild.

When Lucas follows the same strategy with Gigi, he also reacts with little enthusiasm. When Lucas asks him about his family, Gigi suspects evil. “Didn’t you accuse my family of something yesterday and you’re interested in it now? Very strange,” he wonders on the jungle phone. Gigi notes:

“Now Lucas talks to us a lot. We’ve been at camp for two weeks and suddenly he’s interested.”

Test you Knowledge Jungle Camp Test:

And it’s not just Gigi who doesn’t trust Lucas’ sudden witch attack. “With Lucas, I sometimes don’t know if the conversations he’s having are really from his heart or if he’s talking to us for photo reasons,” Jamila says. And Gigi goes even further in his distrust of his colleague. “Lucas remarked: Shit, the mask fell off, now I have to save everything, I’m the nice guy, I gotta be sympathetic,” he doubts.

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Jungle Camp: These stars have caused the biggest scandals


Jungle Camp: These stars have caused the biggest scandals

Source: rtl

Lucas Cordalis suddenly became philosophical

Lucas himself sees things differently, of course. Because he thinks he’s hard enough just because he is who he is. Philosophize:

“Being Lucas Cordalis is not easy, there is a lot of involvement, it takes a lot of discipline.”

Lucas is convinced he is under constant pressure. “People always expect the best from me and I owe it to them,” he adds.

Gigi thinks he’s seen it through Lucas now. “I now know what kind of person he is,” he says. Then, almost resignedly, he adds, “Should I get upset again? There are still a few more days.” Will it really stay like this or will there be another fight between the two? That remained to be seen.

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