Lucyte launches to redefine behavioral health access, quality, and measurement through decades of clinical research, technology, and experience managing person-centered care.

Overland Park, Kansas – () –it shines, a behavioral health improvement company for health plans, today launched and unveiled a new payer solution to improve access to care, quality and measurement for its members. lucite Collecting More than 20 years of organ-centered behavioral health experience from New Directions Behavioral Health, and more than 20 years of clinical research and technology expertise from Tridiuum. By combining this expertise, Lucet is launching a new technology-enabled solution that addresses the most important behavioral health challenges payers face to ensure their members receive high-quality care quickly.

according to 2022 report from Mental Health America, 20% of adults in the United States suffer from a mental illness. More children suffer from mental illness, with one in four young people globally having clinically elevated depressive symptoms, according to Search the JAMA Network. For people facing mental illness, regardless of their age, accessing the care they need is a major challenge. Wait times can average over three months for the initial visit. In fact, a Mental Health America report found that more than half of adults with mental illness do not receive treatment.

In contrast, Lucet enables fee payers to connect members to appropriate care in as little as five days on average, and in as little as one day from first contact. In addition, Lucet’s ability to measure outcomes more effectively showed that members receiving care through its solution averaged a 40% improvement in their Behavioral Health Index (BHI) score. With mental health an important component of overall health, plan members who receive care through Lucet have experienced annual savings of more than $1,000 in outpatient settings, and more than $3,000 in inpatient settings.

“While behavioral health has traditionally been seen as a nominal cost driver for health plans, its potential to improve a person’s overall health and the cost of care cannot be overstated or detracted from the challenges in access and quality of care that they face,” said Shanna Hoffman, President and CEO of Lucet. Today’s health plans, many are missing out on an important opportunity to better serve their members and manage costs.” Meeting mental health needs effectively in today’s complex environment requires people and technology. You can’t have one or the other, and we have decades of experience with both. What we’re launching today with Lucet is an innovative solution for the most innovative drivers in this country.”

Introducing Navigate & Connect

Lucet’s technology-backed solution, called Navigate & Connect, combines the industry’s largest team of care navigators with an advanced technology platform built on more than 20 years of clinical research. This provides a turnkey solution for payers to improve behavioral healthcare and access for their members.

Lucet’s Care Navigators team gives health plans the ability to provide a concierge-level service to members across the clinical severity spectrum. By drawing on Lucet’s proprietary technology platform, care navigators ensure that all members in need of care are promptly assessed and quickly matched with the right care for their needs. This robust clinical screening process is driven by real-time risk assessment and a proprietary claims-based algorithm that provides care navigators with additional insight to ensure members are always connected to the right provider.

Lucet is delivered at the concierge level by hundreds of clinically informed care navigators who specialize in behavioral health benefit management and clinical case management. The company also provides a 24-hour crisis support line for cases that require immediate crisis intervention.

By integrating with provider systems including electronic health records, practice management systems and other point solutions, care navigators can see provider availability and schedule appointments in real time. Through proprietary analytics that underpin dynamic provider network management capabilities, Lucet ensures that provider capacity matches member demand, through the lens of quality, reach, and results. This unlocks existing capabilities and the ability to add partners and resources to meet evolving needs. Through a single platform, Lucet enables payers to assess members’ needs, match them with appropriate care, and schedule an appointment – all during the first interaction.

In addition, Lucet’s Mission Control dashboard provides accurate, real-time insights into member demand, care quality and outcomes, and network supply and performance, giving health plans real-time visibility into behavioral health offerings and performance.

“With its team’s deep experience and more than two decades of clinical research underpinning its solutions, the behavioral health insights Lucite brings to our business is unparalleled,” said Chuck DeVita, executive vice president, Commercial Markets, Good Will and Florida Blue. “Lucet’s Navigate & Connect solution has rapidly made a material positive impact on our behavioral health offering, and we expect the value and support it provides to our members to continue to expand over time.”

For more information about Lucet and to see how the Navigate & Connect solution ensures quality and timely access to all members who need it, and can link member demand with provider supply in real time, visit

about lucite

Lucet’s unique blend of people and technology is proven to improve access to behavioral health care providers and increase a health plan’s ability to connect members to quality care. With the industry’s largest network of care navigators and technology backed by over 6 million reviews and over 20 years of data, Lucet is the only proven solution to locate and connect people across the entire spectrum of critical conditions to appropriate care in less than 5 days on average. ​, often up to 1 day. Lucite is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. For more information, follow Lucet on LinkedIn ( or visit

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