Manchester City and Arsenal match in the live broadcast today

Unbeaten in the Premier League for nearly five months, but knocked out in both cup competitions: England leaders Arsenal were also eliminated from the FA Cup. After losing the League Cup, the Londoners lost 0-1 (0-0) to Manchester City in the fourth round on Friday evening.

Nathan Ake (65) scored the decisive goal for Sky Blue, who entered the last 16, with Bielefeld’s Stefan Ortega in goal. “We improved in the second half and played our game more. But it was very difficult because they put us under a lot of pressure,” said the match winner. “It was my first goal ever with the right hand, I’m so happy.”

Arsenal, winners of the FA Cup and five points clear of Man City in the league, were eliminated from the EFL Cup in November with a 3-1 defeat at home to Brighton & Hove Albion.

In the Europa League, on the other hand, Arsenal is still in contention, in the Premier League there is only one defeat – on September 4 with a score of 1: 3 at Manchester United.

“I am very disappointed because we could have done more with this match,” said Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta. “It was a close game that set up a measure we could have defended better. It’s very difficult to beat City but we matched them evenly.”

Manchester City – Arsenal 1: 0 (0: 0)


1: 0 what (64.)

Lined up Manchester city

Ortega – Luis (58. Walker), Akanji, Stones (45. + 3. Laporte), Aki – Gundogan, Rodri, Mahrez (58. Alvarez), De Bruyne (74. B Silva), Grealish – Haaland

Arsenal squad

Turner – Tomiyasu, Holding (46. Saliba), Gabriel, Tierney (66. Zinchenko) – Fábio Vieira, Partey (46. Lokonga), Xhaka – Saka (74. Odegaard), Nketiah, Trossard (66. Martinelli)

yellow card

Holding (42.), Zinchenko (90. + 3.), Gundogan (90. + 3.)

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Manchester City vs Arsenal today in the live tape: 1: 0 (0: 0)

90. +6. And that’s it. In the fourth round of the FA Cup, Manchester City beat Arsenal 1-0 (0-0). Nathan Ake scored today’s goal in the 64th minute of the match.

90. +5. Time did run out, but Manchester City were awarded another free kick. It must be.

90. +3. Zinchenko and Gundogan pick up the next yellow cards. The Ukrainian player is booked for a foul, and then Gündogan takes a long free kick.

90. +1. There is also four minutes of injury time. For now, it doesn’t look like the Gunners can get much else here.

88. On the right, Martinelli nibbles Walker, with the Brazilian accelerating and shooting inside the penalty area. Then his cross deflects and lands at the feet of a point. Ortega is very careful and throws himself at the ball.

86. Arsenal lack ideas to put City under pressure. Akanji and Laporte continue to handle high balls well in the penalty area.

82. Alvarez tried again from a distance. This time, however, the shot was misplaced, and Turner took it safely.

81. Ten minutes left on the clock. The pace has now been lost again, but Arsenal only need one good spectacle to bring it all back here.

78. Grealish’s cross initially found no buyers. Another cross from Álvarez palmed Turner out of harm’s way.

77. Xhaka is having a very difficult duel with Silva on the outside line. This is a free kick for Manchester.

74. The following changes are pending. Odegaard steps onto the grass, but Saka has to give way. With the nationals, De Bruyne is allowed to come into contact with him on a daily basis. Bernardo Silva is here now for that.

71. The game has now picked up speed. Xhaka plays a nice ball on Martinelli who starts. The Brazilian was just offside.

67. And then the Gunners have a chance to tie the game! A cross sails into the city penalty area from the left. At the last second, Laporte saves from Nketiah, who could have entered an empty goal.

66. Arsenal is changing instantly. Martinelli and Zinchenko are allowed to replace Trossard and Tierney.

64. Gooooo! Manchester City 1-0 Arsenal. Once I say it, it rings. Alvarez had possession of the ball in the middle, and none of the Arsenal defenders felt responsible for it. From about 20 meters away, the Argentine hit the thing on the pole. Grealish catches the rebound and eventually finds Aké who ran with him, who also reaches the end completely free and slots the ball into the bottom right.

63. There is still about half an hour to go. As before, neither team gained any convincing advantages. The blow is not necessarily in the air.

59. Vieira comes in the sixteenth play rebounds in front of the feet. But the Portuguese didn’t hit the ball right. His shot sailed wide.

58. Next double change in the game. Luis and Mahrez are off, but Walker and Alvarez are new.

56. De Bruyne and Mahrez break free on the right. Then the Belgian brings the ball from the baseline sharply into the middle, but Turner is careful and gets out of the danger zone.

54. After a cross from De Bruyne, Turner comes out of the box and shoots the ball wide. It appears that the Arsenal goalkeeper has injured his knee. Post-treatment, however, continues.

51. Lokonga loses a ball in play. De Bruyne moves in and quickly plays the ball towards Haaland. But Tomiyasu assists in the back and throws with apparent power.

49. De Bruyne plays a long ball to Grealish. The English just offside.

46. We start the second half with a double change. Saliba and Lekonga are now there for the already forewarned Holding and Partey.

45. +4. Then it’s over. No goals were scored in the first half as Manchester City and Arsenal were still 0-0 up.

45. +3. Actually the stones could not last. Guardiola has to make a change before the break. Brings Aymeric Laporte to the Englishman.

45. There will also be two minutes of injury time. Meanwhile, the Stones are dealt with after a running duel with Trossard. The central defender appears to be suffering from groin pain.

42. Holding collects the first yellow card in the game. Haaland wants to play a double match with Grealish, but the Arsenal defender grabs the Norwegian jersey and drops it. Absolutely correct decision.

39. Haaland is wanted again. This time, the Norwegian enters into a running duel with Gabriel, but his finish under pressure is again elevated.

36. There is nothing offensive about City anymore. Haaland continues to get long balls, but he can’t withstand his opponent’s holding.

33. If things get serious at Arsenal, it’s with Trossard. Again, the Belgian runs right through and crosses over to the pussy. Bitmap runs there, but it doesn’t lend enough resolution to its end. Obviously, the ball missed.

31. After a short treatment, the Norwegian gives the go-ahead. He can continue.

29. Haaland remains on the grass after colliding with Holding. The game has stopped.

25. De Bruyne! Mahrez initially runs the ball down the right side, but the Arsenal defense can still make a point. In the backcourt, De Bruyne gets the ball and takes the measure. His shot sails wide to the right of the goal.

23. Arsenal goalkeeper Turner is constantly plagued by sloppy passing issues. Halan rushes towards the goalkeeper at full speed, but he can still clear the ball at the last moment.

21. Good chance again after a long break. The Trossard is released and comes to an end with approximately 15 and a half meters left. Ortega has to stretch, but he deflects the ball.

18. Grealish falls in the Arsenal area and is awarded a free kick. But it wouldn’t be dangerous, the Arsenal wall is there.

16. The Gunners repeatedly try to switch quickly after City lose the ball. But there’s still a lack of accuracy, and most forward balls don’t find a buyer.

12. City is the better team in the first ten minutes. Pep Guardiola’s men are always looking for Haaland at the top. Now he sails a high ball in the sixteen. Turner is there and there is certainty.

9. Wow, that was close. Holding on didn’t look so good again in the duel against Halad, as the centre-back completely misjudged a long ball from half the city. But Turner was careful and cleared the ball in front of the Norwegian, who was poised to score. Even Haaland’s sideline, a technical overhead kick, doesn’t find its way into the goal.

5. Ortega will have to prove himself for the first time. On the left wing, Trossard beats three City players and plays sharply in the middle. There Tomiyasu ends up at sixteen. It wasn’t safe.

4. The tournament plays a sloppy pass straight to Gundogan’s feet. This is down to Haaland, who after a one-two with De Bruyne puts it on Rodri. The Spaniard pulls away, but the ball goes over the penalty area.

2. Haaland is caught in a running duel with Houlding just before the penalty area. However, the referee decided that the Norwegian had made a mistake. Arsenal free kick.

1. The game has started. here we are!

before start: Here’s how Arsenal will line up: Turner – Tommiyaso, Holding, Gabriel, Terney – Fabio Vieira, Partey, Zaka – Saka, Nketiah, Trossard.

before start: So start Manchester City N Spell: Ortega – Luis, Akanji, Stones, Aki – Gundogan, Rodri, Mahrez, De Bruyne, Grealish – Haaland.

before start: In the league, Arsenal still lead the Citizens by five points (with one game less). In the FA Cup previous round, Arsenal beat Oxford United 3-0 while Man City knocked Chelsea 4-0 off the field.

Before Start: For the first time this season, the two English players met in a head-to-head duel. Originally they were supposed to play against each other in October in the Premier League, but the match was then pushed back to mid-February.

before start: Hello and welcome to the FA Cup match between Manchester City and Arsenal.

Manchester City vs Arsenal: The Final Duels

predicate competition home team away team result
01.01.2022 Premier League Arsenal Manchester city 1:2
28.08.2021 Premier League Manchester city Arsenal 5:0
21.02.2021 Premier League Arsenal Manchester city 0:1
22.12.2020 EFL Cup Arsenal Manchester city 1:4
10.17.2020 Premier League Manchester city Arsenal 1:0

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