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What a turnaround! Garnacho twists and turns down the left. It looks as though there’s nothing on, but Garnacho keeps probing. One last drop of the shoulder creates a little bit of space away from Ake, and he fires a low cross into the centre. Rashford is the most alive, and he sticks out a leg to poke under Ederson from six yards!

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Casemiro rolls a pass down the inside-right channel to release Rashford, who is well offside. Rashford runs alongside the ball, but doesn’t touch it. Fernandes, coming behind him, gives him a shout. Rashford leaves it. Fernandes opens his body and whips across Ederson and into the right-hand side of the net. What a finish!

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This had been coming! De Bruyne is slipped into the United box down the right, a cute pass from Mahrez. He stands one up into the middle for Grealish, who rises at the far post and plants a header into the top left from six yards. Easy as that! Fine goal. United picked apart forensically.

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There’s just enough time for Walker to pearl a 30-yard shot inches wide of United’s right-hand post, and that’s the end of the first half. City had the most possession, United the better chances. Erik ten Hag’s side may be a little frustrated as a result, but look at it this way: they’re four goals better off than they were at this stage at the Etihad back in October.

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Manchester United: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Varane, Shaw, Malacia, Eriksen, Casemiro, Fred, Fernandes, Martial, Rashford.
Subs: Heaton, Lindelof, Maguire, Martinez, McTominay, Mainoo, Antony, Elanga, Garnacho.


Manchester City: Ederson, Walker, Akanji, Ake, Cancelo, Rodrigo, De Bruyne, Bernardo, Mahrez, Foden, Haaland.
Subs: Ortega Moreno, Phillips, Gundogan, Grealish, Laporte, Alvarez, Gomez, Palmer, Lewis.

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Back in October, a mere 104 days ago, City won the Manchester derby 6-3, a scoreline that seriously flattered an abject United. But since having their trousers freshly laundered, pressed and handed to them neatly folded in a high hat, Erik ten Hag’s side have got their act together big time. Of the 18 matches they’ve played in all competitions since that humiliation, 15 have been won, and only one has been lost. They’re currently on an eight-win sequence, boasting a perfect record since domestic football restarted after the World Cup. Tails round Old Trafford way are up.


City haven’t been quite so smooth since their sensational win. In ascending order of uncharacteristic averageness, they’ve lost at home to Brentford, been held at home by Everton, and crashed out of the League Cup at Southampton. They trail league leaders Arsenal by five points, hardly an insurmountable gap for a team of City’s usual brilliance … the only problem being, City aren’t currently playing to their usual brilliant standard. And so, for the first time in quite a while, they go into the derby slightly unsure of themselves, with Pep Guardiola admitting that a repeat of their performance at St Mary’s will spell real trouble against in-form United.


Then again, City were astonishingly good in the first half of their FA Cup tie against Chelsea. A reminder of how devastating they are when they click. And while United are trending upwards, they’re still very much a work in progress, the Ten Hag era still in its infancy, his team benefitting from a reasonably favourable run of fixtures. City, smarting from their midweek defeat and desperate to stay on Arsenal’s tail, could deliver a painful reality check.


All of which is a long-winded way of saying that you can make a case for both sides. So good luck calling it! A second nine-goal affair in a row is unlikely … but wouldn’t it be lovely? Kick off is at 12.30pm GMT. It’s on!

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main events

90 minutes +4: Grealish dribbles down the left and curls a delicious volley towards Haaland into the far corner. Haaland twists his neck back but Shaw steps in just in time. What a great last defence! Old Trafford echoes in a cacophony of whistles.

90 minutes +3: Time is ticking, and City aren’t putting too much pressure on United.

90 minutes +2: Rashford, Casemiro and Malaysia will make way for McTominay, Maguire and Martinez.

90 minutes +1: The first five extra minutes see United shoot three over two. Rashford hesitated on the edge of the City square and the danger was gone.

90 minutes: De Bruyne slides the free kick down the right, towards Walker. It’s weak, allowing Anthony and Garnacho to take turns blocking. This is uncharacteristically distressed by De Bruyne, who missed a good opportunity to cause United some annoyance.

88 minutes: Fred is booked for dropping Grealish off the plane. Before the free kick is taken, Casemiro comes down, holding his left leg. The doctor comes.

86 minutes: De Bruyne throws a ball in from the right. Haaland swings his leg, only to fall off. Claims illegal interference by Casemiro, but nothing of it. Certainly not as far as the referee and VAR officials are concerned. Haaland and Guardiola angry. If there was any connection — and it wasn’t evident one way or the other after a few reruns — it would be a poor decision.

84 minutes: Fernandez treats an injury using clockwork.

83 minutes: The Old Trafford cap is currently making its way down the M62.

Marcus Rashford and Casemiro celebrated United taking the lead.
Marcus Rashford and Casemiro celebrated United taking the lead. Photo: Matthew Peters/Manchester United/Getty Images

Goal! Manchester United 2-1 Manchester City (Rashford 82)

What a transformation! Garnacho rolls and turns left. There seems to be nothing, but Garnacho continues to investigate. One final drop from the shoulder creates a little space off Ake, and he launches a low cross in the middle. Rashford is the most alive, and he reaches out to poke under Ederson from six yards!

Marcus Rashford record
Marcus Rashford scores! Photo: Phil Noble/Reuters

80 minutes: There was a pause for VAR to confirm the goal. Was Rashford interfering with play despite not touching the ball? VAR says no, a decision BT Sport’s Peter Walton says is in line with the updated rules. Big ten minutes plus next stops!

Anthony celebrates after Bruno Fernandes scores.
Anthony celebrates after Bruno Fernandes scores. Photo: Phil Noble/Reuters

Goal! Manchester United 1-1 Manchester City (Fernandez 78)

Casemiro swipes in from inside the right channel to release Rashford, who is in good offside form. Rashford runs next to the ball, but doesn’t touch it. Fernandez, coming up behind him, whoops. Rashford leaves her. Fernandez opens his body and turns Ederson over to the right side of the net. What an end!

Bruno Fernandes scores the equalizing goal for United.
Bruno Fernandes scores the equalizing goal for United. Photo: Oli Scarfe/AFP/Getty Images

77 minutes: … Meanwhile, things start around the middle as Rashford’s path is checked, not in a particularly legal way, by Rodri. The referee orders them both to stop fighting.

76 minutes: Garnacho rips left. He’s got a free Rashford in the middle, but can’t get a cross. Akanji then goes past him to get him out of the ball and out of danger. This is a great defence, and it was fouled by the young winger who pulled Akanji’s shirt in frustration.

74 minutes: Garnacho probes lower left. Impossible during this time, but the excitement is palpable when this young man has the ball at his feet. Can he repeat his late heroics against Fulham?

72 minutes: Eriksen is replaced by Garnacho. “Is Sixth to Fourteenth a Period in Richard Hirst’s World?” Adam Roberts asks. “Most people would consider what David De Gea did against Everton a howl.”

70 minutes: Grealish flicks Cancelo off the ball and bounces his way to the left. He wins a toss and smiles warmly. He is enjoying football now. From the throw-in, De Bruyne and Haaland pressure Wan Bissaka down the inside left channel, but the ball swings back to De Gea, who catches it. [for the attention of Gary Naylor] his hands. There we go!

68 minutes: United lost corner. Meanwhile, Gary Naylor did not leave the topic of last night’s match between Leeds and Villa. “In a similar situation last night, Aimee Martinez flung himself across the goal and made a save. Why wouldn’t De Gea do that? He would have to fly through the air and get closer to Grealish – another example of this goalkeeper’s increasingly bizarre reluctance to use his hands.”

67 minutes: Fred lifted Wan-Bissaka, and lunged inward from the right. His low drive was deflected into a corner kick by Ake. United’s first response was to fall behind. Noise rises at Old Trafford accordingly.

65 minutes: Varane looks to launch Fernandes down the inside left channel with a clever diagonal pass. The ball is intercepted by Akanji’s telescopic leg, a tackle that denies Fernandez a clear run on goal. This is the defense from the top of the stairs.

64 minutes: Grealish makes his way past Eriksen with amazing grace. It was sarcastically clipped from the back and Eriksen got into the book.

63 minutes: It was City’s first attempt at goal in over a match and a half. Worth the wait, huh.

62 minutes: What an impact for Grealish, who was only on the field for two minutes. Given his similarly immediate contribution after coming off the bench at Chelsea, he developed a reputation as a superstar.

Jack Grealish celebrates the corner flag.
Jack Grealish celebrates the corner flag. Photo: Matt McNulty/Manchester City Football Club/Getty Images

Goal! Manchester United 0-1 Manchester City (Greylish 60)

This was coming! De Bruyne slid into the box down the right, a nice pass from Mahrez. He stands one in the middle for Grealish, who rises at the far corner and plants a header into the top left from six yards out. Easy like that! Good aim. United clinched criminally.

Jack Grealish leads City to the top
Jumpin’ Jack Grealish leads City to the top spot! Photo: Matthew Ashton/AMA/Getty Images

59 minutes: Grealish and Cancelo turn left. They couldn’t find a way through Manchester United’s backline, but City were starting to put pressure on the hosts now. momentum with them.

57 minutes: Grealish comes in for Foden. City’s corner then leads to a head-tennis match in the United penalty area. It was over for the hosts, but City began to hold a threat at long last.

56 minutes: Cancelo dribbles to the left only to fall into the box under pressure from Casemiro. He demands a penalty, but neither the referee nor the VAR show any interest in awarding it. “It looks like it’s been a while since De Gea howled, so maybe we deserve today. It seems like the most likely way for City to score.” Richard Hirst is there, trying to insult both sets of fans with one short message.

54 minutes: De Bruyne and Mahrez combine down the right. De Bruyne away! He sends a cross towards Silva in the far stick. Silva should certainly have walked towards the goal, but instead headed towards it, allowing Varane to give away half the ball. Foden battles but can’t keep the move alive.

52 minutes: Eriksen swings the free kick into the mixer. Casemiro left, claiming a penalty. Varane sends an effort towards the top left. Ederson scratched it. Varane was flagged for offside, while Casemiro stumbled to his feet. We move on.

51 minutes: Eriksen throws a long ball to the right for Anthony, who runs straight to Ake. Comes worse at 50-50. Play continues for a few seconds before the referee decides to award United a free kick. It’s a generous decision.

Nathan Ake with a stern challenge on Anthony.
Nathan Ake with a stern challenge on Anthony. Photo: Oli Scarfe/AFP/Getty Images

50 minutes: City has the ball but doesn’t do much with it.

48 minutes: Walker stormed into the space down the middle of the park. He contemplated a through ball to Haaland, but instead found Silva an acre on his left. Silva runs into the penalty area and catches a shot that bounces back to De Gea. On what basis do you do that? Premier League Referees counting overtime? asks Robert Speed. “Two long injury stops in that half and Atwell adds a minute?” It’s as if the Premier League referees are haphazardly pulling decisions from behind their breezes.

47 minutes: De Gea’s poor qualifying run right back by Mahrez almost fired De Bruyne down the right. There is enough of a Mahrez header for De Gea to recover the ball. “This may be more a question of the know,” begins Declan O’Brien, “and yes, MBM knows where they are,” but given that City didn’t manage a shot on goal in 46 minutes today and drew a total blank on that in regards to St Mary’s over 100 odd minutes. , Has there been a race like this under Pep before?”

City’s second half began. United have made a change, with Anthony coming on…but that’s not for Rashford, who is good to carry on despite having a hip problem towards the end of the first half. Martial, who was rumored not quite fit before the match, is the man to replace him.

Though, there were goals in the WSL match between Aston Villa and Tottenham. Sarah Rendell can help you expedite this.

Here’s Will Unwin, taken from Old Trafford: “Those who expect Manchester city To come back from losing to Southampton with a flawless display, he will be disappointed with their display in the first half. Recent disadvantages of individuals <5-10% have been repeatedly highlighted by impaired scrolling and decision making. Even Ederson joined in the dreaded option of running out on goal, allowing Marcus Rashford to curl around, only for his shot to be blocked by Manuel Akanji. United looked disciplined, each player knowing their role and executing it perfectly to make the collapse difficult and dangerous on the counter, arguably they should have scored twice through Rashford. Overall: not a classic.

First half: Manchester United 0-0 Manchester City

There is just enough time for Walker to score 30 yards inches wide from Manchester United’s right post, and that is the end of the first half. City had most of the ball and United had the best chances. Erik ten Hag’s side might be a little disappointed as a result, but look at it this way: They’re four goals better than they were. At this point in the Union in October.

45 minutes: Mahrez is grouped by Casemiro on the edge of United D. Referee Stuart Atwell waves to play. That’s a bad decision, and United got away with making one there.

43 minutes: …but a physicist comes in and fiddles with his leg for a moment. Rashford is good to go! Given the way he got off, this was a pleasant surprise.

41 minutes: A brilliant Rashford pulled as he chased after Akanji, clutching his left hip. He falls backwards and slams his hands on the grass in frustration. This reaction does not speak of good news.

40 minutes: Foden bottom left. He has options in the middle, but his passes don’t go anywhere near as good as anyone wearing a sky blue. The story of the first half of City.

38 minutes: De Bruyne growled down the right but on reaching the sideline, De Gea picked up his cross from the air with much indifference. “Mr Naylor here acts like Leeds above pragmatism,” Matthew Richman replies, with specific reference to This is amazing.

37 minutes: It was Eriksen who sent Rashford loitering on the left this time. Rashford enters the box, past Rodri, but takes a powerful touch that allows Ederson to choke at his feet. United looks more likely.

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