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Verena Kerth was the first female candidate to leave the jungle camp on Friday. On the outside, however, a romantic surprise awaited her: She was introduced to her by her partner, Mark Trinzi — and she boomed and made fun of it online.

Murwillumbah Season after season, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! but also outside Jungle camps There are surprises here and there as part of the RTL program: after Verena Kerth (41) had to leave the camp as the first candidate, the presenter finally managed to fall into the arms of her lover Marc Terenzi (44) again. Against a romantic backdrop, the pop singer got down on his knees and proposed to the 41-year-old — but it caused quite a stir online.

Wedding Show After Jungle Camp – Os – Marc Terenzi kneels in front of Verena Kerth

mattresses Jungle Camp Candidates The clearing has been done gradually since Friday evening (January 20). First Verena Kerth hit. But for the Munich native, after her quit “I’m a star – get me out of here!” There was perhaps the sweetest consolation you could imagine: on a romantic stroll on the white sandy beach, Marc Terenzi suddenly dropped to his knees and asked the question of all questions to the 41-year-old.

Jungle camp: Marc Terenzi proposes to Verena Kerth (photomontage)
After the election of Jungle Camp Verena Kerth, a surprise was waiting outside: boyfriend Marc Terenzi proposed to the presenter – but the romantic moment failed to impress RTL (photomontage) viewers © Screenshot / RTL / RTL + / Ich Ben Ein Starr – Get me out of here!

“I love you so much, I miss you so much. We’ve known each other for 20 years. I don’t want to miss you again, so I’d like to ask you if you would like to marry me?” said the visibly nervous Mark Terenzi, who then introduced Verena Beautiful engagement ring. The sadness over their bush camp selection has worn off — and former goalkeeper legend Oliver Kahn, 53, who repeatedly emphasized his desire for a wedding during the RTL programme, of course said yes.

Jungle Camp: Cult Show or Disgusting TV?

With “I’m a Superstar – Get Me Out of Here!” RTL regularly achieves the best reviews. However, jungle camp itself is controversial, and from season one (2004) onwards is often the target of a wide range of criticism. While the show is now an integral part of many TV viewers’ annual schedule, complaints have been raining down on it again and again in recent years. Media scholars and representatives of politics and the church greeted the first season with suspicion and disapproval. The program was submitted to the Committee for the Protection of Youth Media (KJM) for examination. Animal protection organization PETA also criticizes the format each year. Sometimes even potential advertisers who didn’t want their products to be seen in connection with the jungle camp dropped out.

Jungle Camp fans rip Mark Terenzi’s romantic gesture – ‘Most embarrassing marriage proposal ever’

But the romance that unfolds on the ninth day (All Jungle Camp broadcast dates are in 2023) spread, and did not capture every viewer. Just a few minutes after Marc Terenzi’s declaration of love flashed across the screen, scorn and sarcasm spread on Twitter:

“Worse than any audition in the woods,” one fan gushed, and another wrote: “I’d also like a marriage proposal: in a one-man warm-up mini-show in a trashcan show.” Another tweet concluded the scene as “the most embarrassing marriage ever.” Some people also thought the timing was inappropriate: The fact that Verena Kerth received a “smelly, sweaty offer” right out of the house seemed totally unromantic.

While Marc Terenzi and Verena Kerth dare to take the next step, dramatic love threatens elsewhere: Iris Klein, 55, is convinced her husband Peter, 63, cheated on her with her jungle camp buddy. Sources used: “I’m a star – get me out of here!” (RTL / RTL+; season 16, episode 9),,

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