Maren Gelzer in a bitter account against RTL

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Maren Gelzer has been riding on the Wheel of Fortune, at In Aller Freundlich and at RTL’s Jungle Camp. You don’t like talking about the latter anymore. She makes an exception for Watson.Bild: / imago

Jungle camp

Ronja Brier

D rather not. This was Watson’s first reaction to Watson’s request to interview former Queen of the Jungle Maren Gelzer at the beginning of this year’s “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here”: She definitely doesn’t want to watch the current season – and hardly would otherwise, she said positive things about the RTL show.

It took a little convincing. But this is exactly what should become the subject of a very honest conversation with the former participant of “IBES” and today’s entrepreneur: It is about manipulation by the announcer and the racing heart that the broadcast unleashes in them.

Watson: This Jungle camp It begins and you, as Queen of 2015, don’t want to watch. Why not?

Maren Gelzer: Because watching triggers a lot of negative emotions in me, right before I fall asleep. Especially because I know how impossibly some candidates act. It’s just that RTL is messing around. Of course the show needs a bitch, but also someone with a balancing effect, someone with a very short fuse, someone who’s always good for a scandal and so on.

From left: Jolina Menen, Cosimo Cettiulo, Tessa Bergmeyer, Jana Orkrav Palask, Babis Loveday and Verena Kerth Bottom left: Lucas Cordalis, Marcus Morl, Cecilia Assoro, Claudia Effenberg, Martin Sim…

The 2023 Crew, left to right in the back: Jolina Menin, Cosimo Cettiulo, Tessa Bergmeyer, Jana “Urkraft” Palask, Babis Loveday, Verena Kerth, Lukas Cordalis, Marcus Morell, Cecilia Assoro, Claudia Effenberg, Martin Simelrog. Gigi Peruvian.Photo: RTL+

To what extent are the participants manipulated?

They are trying to confront the candidates and heat up the atmosphere in the camp. And you can fall into it or not. Of course you can be the better bitch, misbehave, or stick your boobs into the camera, the main thing is to pay attention – or try to be a role model for the people out there, especially for younger viewers.

“These are people and not just idiots, as many think. They are being driven to stupidity.”

But it’s not easy to get away from it, right?

Some don’t even want that. They think the more noise they make, the more cameras they have on them and that is good for their career. Our squadron was Harmony Forest at the time. We have shown that this challenge can be mastered by being willing to help and be thoughtful. The presenter found the show very boring. That’s why the production company adjusted the cast after us so that there would be more escalations. RTL wants a trash forest.

And that’s too intense for you, right?

This route is too intense for me. There, among other things the people The jungle campers, who are not mentally stable, have had defeats in their careers that they don’t cope with well. The way RTL gets around it, exposes these people and keeps coming back – that’s just so blatant and so inhumane to me. How people rush at each other – not only in the forest, by the way, but also in other formats on other channels – it hurts my soul. These are people, and they are not just idiots, as many people think. They are driven to stupidity. And I don’t want to see that.

“Right now, the world is going crazy. Do we really have to artificially create any superficial theaters of war?”

When did you stop watching jungle camp?

I had to watch this for a while because, as a former jungle queen, he was always asking me about it. But every time I lay down and my heart was racing – and I was in a really negative mood. That’s why I stopped doing it.

The world is going crazy now. There is the The war in Ukraine. corona. climate protest. Brazil. Iran. There are crises everywhere. famines. volcanic eruptions Do we really have to artificially create any superficial theaters of war?

Why did you participate in 2015 at all?

I went into the woods at the time and actually only knew roughly what was going on there. I didn’t watch it regularly before that. But this piqued my interest. I didn’t have any concerns either. I am a child of nature. I like to eat exotic things. I do not mind. I grew up in Berlin-Wedding – so I wasn’t really into luxury circles.

HANDOUT - October 9, 2022 ---: Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen, reality show moderators

Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen coordinated Jungle Camp together.Photo: RTL+

In addition, the Wheel of Fortune was discontinued at that time because the viewers were too old for the broadcaster Sat 1. Suddenly, a rejuvenating treatment also appeared in “En Aller Freundlich”, which, among other things, I fell victim to. Jungle Camp, as a program primarily watched by young adults, came at just the right time for me.

How did you like it in the woods then?

In fact, I felt pretty good. I thought of sending Tarzan to me – and I’ll stay forever. I really didn’t miss anything. And I learned a lot about myself. I can also live very modestly because I don’t make my personal happiness dependent on material things.

In the entertainment industry, protection mechanisms are created completely automatically. They act like protective walls so you don’t get hurt. But in the woods they get separated piece by piece – and of course it’s a little embarrassing when you suddenly cry in front of everyone. But it was also liberating and made me more sensitive. So it was an interesting experience for me. But of course this is not the case for everyone.

“Some do not dare to return home after that for fear of public opinion about them.”

What you mean?

Some friends and acquaintances who were also invited called me. And there were some that I said, for heaven’s sake, please don’t go into the woods. You are very sensitive and don’t measure up to the whole thing.

So why do so many people watch?

People find it interesting to watch when it’s a stars The mask falls. But that is not the real face you see there. Everyone has two real faces – a real good face and a real face that shows in times of crisis. I also lose my temper sometimes, I’m in a bad or unfair mood – but that’s not my main personality. At the jungle camp, they are pushed to show the negative sides of themselves as much as possible. And viewers don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. Some hardly dare to return home afterwards, out of fear, like the commoners Opinion about it is.

Here’s our jungle camp quiz:

In addition, Zoff moments are preferred.

We also had incredibly good times as a clique. But it was not sent at all. But only negative stories, of which we didn’t have much. I find it really appalling that German television gives the impression that all you have to do is misbehave, use foul language, and disrespect everyone to make a career.

Who can be successful this season – and become king or queen of the jungle?

In the end, it is interesting that those who behaved well still became the kings of the jungle. who were authentic and who gave the impression that their hearts were in the right place.

“Some told me it would have hurt them.”

At least that’s convenient.

yes. However, the forest did not achieve the career boost hoped for by all, regardless of whether or not they became king or queen. Some even told me it hurt them. In any case, I’m glad I don’t count on the good faith of the editors, broadcasters, and producers.

You are doing something completely different professionally today.

I am an entrepreneur and general manager of a venture capital firm. Also, fortunately, before I became a model and got into the Wheel of Fortune, I had a decent education. I am a painter. This is how I make my money back today. I love designing and furnishing homes. This is really my passion. The jungle can’t keep up.

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