Medicaid expansion should always be in NH

In 2016, advocates for people with mental illness and those dealing with addiction, including the NH Community Behavioral Health Association (CBHA), announced that expanding Medicaid was the most important proposal the NH General Court would consider that year. Last week, at a press conference in the Legislative Office Building, the CBHA joined with the same advocates — as well as with business and industry representatives — to underscore the critical need for continued expansion and stress that New Hampshire needs to make the program permanent in 2023.

Christopher Cusack

The expansion program — now called the Granite Advantage Health Care Program — ensures that many New Hampshire residents who need mental health care and treatment for substance abuse and addiction will have access to services. But it is set to expire on December 31 unless the legislature approves a bill to re-certify it, and that action must take place before the session ends on June 30. Expanding, we need to reach out to all legislators and emphasize how the program provides critical care to people in their communities.

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