Mind health and fitness trend

We have long known the positive physical effects Playing sports on our welfare. Apart from boosting immunity and powerby incorporating physical movements into your day – be that as it may Pilates An outdoor session or picnic – encourages the release of happy hormones to improve your mood and mental health.

This is the reason for the latest trend to combine physical exercises with Psychological health The workshops make perfect sense. “As a therapist, the mind-body connection is a story as old as time,” says Chance Marshall, co-founder of on-demand mental health service provider Self Space. “In the thousands of clients we’ve met in session, we’ve learned that Mind _ mind And the body are two parts of the same system. Work on your body, your mind feels good. Work on your mind, and you’ll feel better about your body.”

To start the year on a positive note, self space Partnered with our editor’s favorite fitness series, frameworkto create the Feel Good sessions, a combination of physical movement and mental healthcare.

What is a mind and fitness session?

In short, this means incorporating a physical exercise class such as Wild or Pilates with a therapeutic workshop conducted by a licensed professional. Depending on the studio, mind fitness sessions can take different forms. Manchester Champion Training Club It houses a wellness center where clients can book in for advice or visit a therapist along with boxing or HIIT classes, while it is based in London. mindfit He prioritizes joy above all else comprehensive fitness approach. The first studio is set to open in Broccoli with plans to host mental health talks and free classes for charity.

Frame Feel Good sessions with self-paced space include four two-hour workshops. It starts by exploring mental health related topics such as building confidence and discovery pleasureFacilitated by qualified Self Space Therapists, before going to a movement class such as yoga or cardio.

What else should you know about mental fitness sessions?

The best thing about a mental fitness session is its holistic approach to wellbeing. It makes mental health resources more accessible, and the exercise classes are guaranteed to boost your dopamine levels. When searching for a class, keep the following points in mind:

1/ The Mind & Fitness sessions are not about self-improvement

      This trend is relatively new in the UK but is steadily gaining traction in the US under the moniker of the “mental health lounge”. Attractive, but potentially problematic, says Marshall.

      “I see a lot of brands in the US selling this idea of ​​relentless self-improvement as a way to build lasting happiness — which is neither achievable nor realistic. Bad days are part of a good life. Being mentally healthy is fighting. Sometimes you feel weak; that’s human.” Bazaar. “This is part of our work with Frame, to create spaces where people can emerge as their full anarchic selves and be embraced.” Frame co-founder Pip Black agrees, explaining that the Frame doesn’t position itself as a gym, but rather a space for “positive movement.”

      In the end, mental fitness sessions are not here to feed absence of security. It’s all about encouraging each other and making mental health support more accessible, especially given that, according to the NHS, more than eight million people have trouble finding mental health support because they are deemed ‘not sick enough’ to qualify.


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      2/ It is not a substitute for treatment

      If you’ve never been to therapy before, walking in and telling a stranger your most intimate thoughts can be intimidating. Mental fitness sessions allow you to feel therapeutic in a group environment free from pressure and judgment. Plus, it’s a great way to meet with a licensed therapist so you can express any curiosities or concerns before committing to treatment.

      3/ Beware of your triggers

      For those who have been affected by or have a history of eating disorders, it is obviously important to check with your doctor before joining any form of exercise class. “When exercise is associated with an eating disorder, it often becomes compulsive, as exercise levels can outpace our nutrient intake,” Marshall says. “When this happens, the health benefits of exercise are lost and exercise becomes more harmful to the body than helpful.”

      Why should you try a mind fitness session?

      A survey conducted by Self Space showed that while 98% of people feel better after exercising, 73% of them admit that they are less comfortable in a traditional gym environment. The relaxed and calm atmosphere of a mental fitness workshop makes it easy to stay grounded. “Think of it as something you can reach for regularly to maintain your physical and mental health, because we know that both play a vital role in maintaining your overall health,” says Black. At Feel Good Sessions, there are no expectations of speaking or sharing, and no one bats an eyelid if you need a break after the second leg.

      The Feel Good sessions take place every Sunday from January 22nd to February 12th. Reserve your spot here.

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