NBA: Boston Celtics lose roller coaster ride to New York Knicks

Third consecutive loss to the Boston Celtics! The Celts pulled off a strong comeback, but in overtime the New York Knicks hit back – and Jalen Brown lost his nerve at the free throw line. Nets falter despite 40 points from Kyrie Irving.

The Detroit Pistons end a long line of bankruptcies in Brooklyn. The Cavaliers and Clippers have an easy game, while the Bulls also have to concede defeat to a kid in the basement.

Boston Celtics (35-15) – New York Knicks (27-23) 117: 120 over (square score)

  • What a roller coaster ride it was in the 487th duel for the oldest rivalry in the NBA. The Knicks caused Boston to lose for the third time in a row, although the home side appeared to have turned the game around late in normal time. But in overtime, Jaylen Brown’s nerves failed from the free throw line and Julius Randle still secured the win for New York.
  • Particularly in the second half, Boston ran sloppy with and without the ball, which the guests from the Big Apple took advantage of to get a 13-point lead going into the final section. However, the Celts then switched a few gears defensively, and New York only collected 4 points in the last four and a half minutes of normal time. Jason Tatum took up the attack, Boston tied the game with a score of 14: 4, then Tatum missed the chance to win – it went to overtime.
  • In fact, Boston continued his good run there, and was in the lead with a +5 before the game turned upside down again. A three-point layup by RJ Barrett gave the Knicks the lead with 30 seconds left, before the Browns later hit a shooting error. However, he missed both freebies at -1! Randle did better on the other side, Tatum fell short despite a good try from downtown, after the Celtics offense rebounded, Malcolm Brodgen’s final shot was blocked by Jalen Bronson. Knicks victory in a wild end!
  • Randle (37, 13/25 FG, 9 rebounds) and Bronson (29, 7 assists) have been wearing the Knicks for a long time. Barrett (19, 6/18 FG) was present with three important hat-tricks, Emmanuel Kwekley did a good job off the bench (17), and Isaiah Hartenstein scored 4 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in 17 minutes. The Celtics were led by Tatum, who scored 35 points (11 in the fourth quarter) and 14 rebounds, while Brown scored 22 points on 1/8 triples and 5/7 from the line. These two mistakes were fatal.
  • “I’m not allowed to bet on NBA games, but I would bet anything on him landing two free throws if he were in that situation again,” Tatum said of his confidence in his teammate. When asked what Joe Mazzola would say to the Browns in the locker room, Celtics coach replied, “I love you, Jaylen. And I believe in you.”

Brooklyn Nets (29-19) – Detroit Pistons (13-37) 122:130 (square score)

  • It’s been almost five years since the Detroit Pistons won an away game in Brooklyn. Until now! Despite 40 points from Kyrie Irving, the Nets ran out of breath in the back-to-back second after the break. Led by Siddig Bay, the Pistons offense now set the tone.
  • “We had a great third quarter,” said Pistons coach Duane Casey. “The third quarter has been our enemy, but we are always improving.” Bay scored 15 of his team-high 25 points in this stretch, holding Detroit to score 65 percent from the field and lead by double digits. Brooklyn could no longer recover from this, and the Pistons would no longer let the local side get dangerously close.
  • Behind Bay, Alec Burkes was the Pistons’ leading scorer (20), with eight guest players breaking double figures, including Jalen Duren (17), Jaden Ivey (16, 8 assists) and Killian Hayes (16). Bojan Bogdanovic, on the other hand, didn’t have his best evening (11th, 4/15 FG), but his teammates captured it. Detroit ended a four-game streak of bankruptcies.
  • Irving put up a fight again in the fourth quarter, but in the end it didn’t work out. On his way to 40 points, he shot 14/27 from the field and 6/12 from long range, while dishing out 6 assists. Nick Claxton shone again with 27 points and 13 rebounds, and helped Edmund Sumner off the bench with 24 points. But that was all of the Nets’ double-point players. Ben Simmons (0 points, 7 assists) was out in the third quarter with a knee problem, while TJ Warren had a bruised knee.

Charlotte Hornets (14-36) – Chicago Bulls (22-26) 111:96 (square score)

  • Defeat against Charlotte’s Cellar Kid hurts the bulls in the race for places to play either way. That Mason Plumley of all people By jumping back with his left hand The bag closed from a two-legged long area, then somehow matched the day of use of the oxen. Plumley polished his power play with nearly perfect 21 points (9/9 FG, 3/4 foot), 12 rebounds and 4 assists.
  • He scored 8 points in the closing stages alone, with LaMelo Ball assisting on one of his rare hat-tricks of the night as part of an 8-0 run. The hosts pulled away in the final minutes when Plumley also sank the jumper mentioned. At the same time, there was nothing going on offensively in Chicago. The Bulls sank only 5 of 23 shutout attempts (21.7 percent), including 0/6 from downtown. The round finally went to the Hornets with 34:17 to go.
  • Only Terry Rozier (28, 4 steals) has scored better than Plumley for the home side. Ball had a huge problem with his shooting (15, 2/15 FG, 2/11 triples), he still collected 11 rebounds and 8 assists, but managed 6 turnovers at the same time. Gordon Hayward contributed 17 points on his return to the ground, and the Hornets managed to win again after two downs.
  • On the other hand, the Bulls suffered two consecutive bankruptcies after three straight wins. DeMar DeRozan was still the best man with 28 points (9/21 FG). Zach LaVine put up 18 points and grabbed 9 rebounds, but only 4 points came after the break. Nikola Vucevic also had problems (12, 5/16 FG), and Bank only delivered a total of 11 points.

Houston Rockets (11-38) – Cleveland Cavaliers (30-20) 95:113 (square score)

  • No, Donovan Mitchell, no problem – at least when it comes to the Rockets, who also handed out several gifts to guests from Cleveland. On his 23rd birthday, Darius Garland provided an excellent position for a teammate in the backcourt, who was sidelined again with hip problems, with 26 points (5/8 three), 9 assists and 4 steals.
  • Garland and Evan Mobley (21, 10 rebounds) put up a lot of pressure in the first quarter. The duo put together 22 points, giving the Cavs a double-digit lead. This even grew to +29 in Division Two, but it didn’t get that exciting after that. Cleveland ruthlessly punished many mistakes made by the Rockets. 22 turnovers led to 40 straight points, and Cleveland only gave the ball away ten times.
  • Along with Garland and Mobley, Dean Wade provided good support off the bench (15, 4/7 three), while Jarrett Allen grabbed a double-double (14, 10 rebounds). On the other hand, Isaac Okoro almost completely outplayed Jalen Green, the young Rockets managed 6 points on 2/9 of the field. The hosts’ top scorer was Tari Eason (18, 11 rebounds), Alperen Sengün collected 14 points, 7 assists and rebounds for 4 turnovers each.

Phoenix Suns (25-25) – Dallas Mavericks (26-24) 95:99 (match report)

Los Angeles Clippers (27-24) – San Antonio Spurs (14-35) 138:100 (square score)

  • Paul George sure had fun, maybe not so much Tottenham. For the final 38 minutes of the game, the Clippers were always ahead in double digits, so a fourth straight win at the bag was relatively early. George had 35 points, 14/19 from the field (including a 5/8 three) and 7 assists and celebrated himself and the win in the second quarter. With an immersion mill crash.
  • The first section went to the hosts at 41:25, then the lead continued to grow until Los Angeles finally sent the Spurs home with a score of +38. The Clippers haven’t won this high since 2021. There was also Kawhi Leonard with a career-high 27 points (10/16 FG) and 7 assists, and Norman Powell (15) or Robert Covington (13, 7 rebounds, 3 blocks) delivered from on the bench.
  • San Antonio had no stopping the Clippers’ nearly 60 percent shooting rate and 18 successful three-pointers. Keldon Johnson was the most diligent collector with 19 points, but he also had a plus/minus score of -26. Jacob Boltel collected 10 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists. Tottenham have so far lost 12 of their last 14 games.

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