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To celebrate the upcoming release of Forspoken, the Luminous Productions team is excited to announce a new “Forspoken Collection”. We are so excited to finally be able to reveal this collection!

“The PlayStation Gear Store is delighted to be part of the official launch of the ‘Forspoken Collection’ – we’ve worked hard in partnership with Luminous Productions to source these perfect pieces for the community and hope you all love them as much as we loved making them.”

– Gerardo Ripa – Brand Marketing Director for PlayStation Group Worldwide

Gear inspired by the ForceBoken art trend

We’re excited about how everything looks—especially the blend of the Forspoken logo, added details, and various other design elements. We love how the game’s design inspiration has been used to introduce modern aspects of a fantasy world.

While Forspoken is an intricately designed game with lots of surprises and details, the core concept is to “merge talk and imagination”. The main story – Fry’s travel from our modern day to a fantasy world – is a clear representation of this concept. In terms of concept art, we aimed to create an entirely new identity out of fantasy symbols and combine it with modern sensibilities.

Logos and Coins T-shirt: Gold as the main color

In the world of Forsboken, gold symbolizes magical power. Likewise in the modern world we live in, gold and magic have been deeply linked since ancient times. For example, alchemy involves using magic to make gold. In addition, gold is economically precious in nature which makes it always special to humans. We have harnessed the magic of gold as a primary color in creating the world of Forsboken.

The T-shirt and Coins for this new line allow players to bring some of the golden magic of Forspoken into their everyday lives.

Jacket: Logo on Frye pants

Do you recognize the logo on this jacket? If so, you have a good eye! This in-game logo appears on Frey’s jeans and is one subtle detail that not everyone may have figured out. The clue to this emblem is Fry’s right hand, which she uses to practice her magic.

Fry wears the crest without knowing what it is while still living in modern New York City, hinting that Athena may have been calling it for some time. From a design perspective, Frey’s black jeans blend well with gowns and belts in the fantasy world. Having this logo on an actual jacket is a nod to its original home on Frey jeans.

Pin badges: icons

These symbols on pin badges perfectly represent the fusion of modernity and fantasy. In terms of UI functionality, modern and simple icons are great, but the icons also need to evoke a sense of fantasy in a stylistic way. We’ve carefully combined these two seemingly opposite elements and designed the icons one by one.

Specific symbols on pin badges can also be seen in the game once Frey discovers her magical abilities. These magical symbols are inspired by the signs Fry has seen in modern New York City as well as her experiences within Athena.

This collection of Pin Badges allows players to enchant their lives with stylish designs that represent Frey’s most powerful abilities.

Forspoken launches January 24, 2023

Finally, I’m excited because today is about to share the artistic world of Forspoken, which we’ve been crafting for a long time. Luminous Productions Team and I hope you enjoy immersing yourself in the universe we’ve created.

Forspoken launches on PS5 on January 24th, 2023.

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