Newcomer Blind delivers a mud fight with the former club

January 13, 2023, Bavaria, Munich: Football: Test matches, Bayern Munich - FC Red Bull Salzburg Campus Bayern Munich.  Bayern Munich newcomer Daley Blind on the field.  Photo: Angelika Warmuth / dpa +++ dpa picture radio ++ ...

Newcomer Daley Blind should bolster Bayern’s defence. Photo: dpa/Angelika Warmuth


Lukasz Grybowski

If the FC Bayern They meet RB Leipzig in the first leg on Friday night, with winter newcomer Daley Blind likely to sit on the bench for the time being.

The Munich side brought in the versatile defender and midfielder after Lucas Hernandez tore his cruciate ligament, primarily to bolster the central defence. Alphonso Davies should also make the necessary breaks on the left side of defence.

Biggest coup: Blind joined the record-breaking champions for free. Because the contract with his long-standing youth club Ajax Amsterdam expired prematurely.

And in his farewell message to the Ajax fans, he spoke on his Instagram channel about “circumstances” that led to his departure, The Dutchman is now breaking down details about his switch and making serious accusations against his former club.

Blindly angry at Ajax sporting director Huntelaar

At Ajax Amsterdam, the Blind name has stood for identity and success for decades. His father Danny played in the 80’s and 90er Years for Ajax and Daly himself became part of the famous Ajax football school in 2005. In addition to a loan to FC Groningen (2010) and four years at Manchester United (2014-2018), Blind only played for Ajax and won seven championship titles, among others. .

His departure in the winter was even more surprising. As Blind now explains, this was mainly due to his relationship with trainer Alfred Schroeder. In October, he demoted him “from player number 1 in his position” to “player number number 4,” he told the Dutch” He said.

Then he also attacked sporting director Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.

“Huntelaar wants to create a fight between me and the fans. That’s what I wrote to him. It is also usual for Ajax to be the first to comment on the situation, even though there is a contractual agreement. I’m not talking about Ajax and they’re not about me.”

The former Schalke striker and sporting director of Ajax today told “AD” at the beginning of the week that For the blind, that was a ‘slap in the face’, on their own fans to boo.” The fact that he was no longer seen by the coach would have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, making him want to leave.

The blind man reveals a battle of words with Coach Schroeder

Why is it from the former Hoffenheim coach Schroeder in the past Ajax Herbst It was settled, still unable to explain itself to this day.

He describes the situation in which, after a bad half, Schroeder asked the team why the team’s pressure was so bad. According to his stories, Blind got up and demanded clear instructions from the instructor.

AMSTERDAM - lr Daley Blind of Ajax, Ajax coach Alfred Schroeder during the press conference, BK, Preskonverenz before the Champions League match between Ajax Amsterdam and Rangers FC at the Johan Stade ...

Daley Blind (left) and Ajax coach Alfred Schroeder at a press conference Bild: / imago

“Shut up! Shut up and sit down,” Schroeder is said to have replied. Blind himself asked his physiotherapists and fellow players afterwards if his technique was too daring, but he was supported on all sides.

But in the weeks that followed, Schroeder ignored him completely and wasn’t even substituted when players in his position were injured.

Bayern star Blind criticizes: “It’s a personal thing”

When asked in an interview why he didn’t play, the Ajax coach insisted it was nothing personal.

Schroeder then publicly confirmed that prior to the season he had talked to the blind about changing a role that would see him bench more often. But the blind disagree. “This is a lie,” he said. The coach would have told him a lot more that he is an important player in different positions.

“I don’t doubt it was a character, I’m 100 percent sure,” said Blind. All the players nominated for the World Cup finals in Qatar have received a message from him.

He was also disappointed that neither Schroeder nor one of the Ajax chiefs came to see off the club’s buildings. Although everyone would have known because the date was agreed upon with the club.

The coach gave himself in to one interview He criticizes himself with “De Telegraaf” and said he should have said goodbye to the blind man personally. However, he was in a meeting and didn’t know that the blind people would be there.

At the same time, he also distributed tips to the participants of the World Cup. “I no longer need players in training who no longer want to play for Ajax or who are looking for a change. All focus should be on Ajax.”

Blind would just like the Ajax bosses to urge him to talk to Schroeder when he leaves. “But nobody from Ajax tried anything. Instead, they made it sound like I was the one who wanted to leave.”

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