NFL odds on Tom Brady’s next team, including Raiders, 49ers, and Jets

When Tampa Bay BuccaneersThe season ended with a Super Wild Card Weekend loss to the Dallas Cowboys Monday night, a lot of attention turned to Tom Bradyfuture.

Will Brady ever play again? If so, where would it be?

The end of the TB12 postgame press conference on Monday led many to speculate that his time with Tampa Bay may be over as he thanked those who covered him over the past three seasons. Brady will be a free agent this season, so leaving the Buccaneers is definitely touching.

[Tom Brady won’t rush decision on future, but changes loom for Buccaneers]

Depending on what’s going on with Lamar JacksonThe TB12 could be the best quarterback available on the market this off-season. There were actually two non-pirate teams said to be related to him.

FOX Pete He has hypothetical odds on whether Brady will line up again in 2023 – when he turns 46 – and if so, which team he’ll play for.

Let’s jump into the possibilities.

Odds if Tom Brady retires*

  • Yes +160 ($10 bet for $26 total win)
  • No-220 ($10 bet to win a total of $14.55)

Odds about where Tom Brady will play in 2023 if he doesn’t retire

*Odds as of 1/18/2023

What’s next for Tom Brady after the Wild Card loss to the Cowboys?

What's next for Tom Brady after the Wild Card loss to the Cowboys?

Brady said he would take things “one day at a time”. Colin Cowherd predicts where TB12 plays next season.

According to the odds, Brady is favored to stay in the league for at least one more season, but there is no clear favorite as to which team he will play for next.

Dylan Brosman, senior director of trading operations at FOX Bet, said there are a few teams still far from being title contenders that could seek Brady’s services this season.

“It’s hard to imagine Brady’s last game ever as an embarrassing wild card loss to the Cowboys,” Brossman said. “I don’t expect an official decision anytime soon, but I think eventually Brady will be back for at least one more season — if he thinks his team has a shot at winning the Super Bowl.

“The Bucs are good when they’re completely healthy, but teams like the Raiders, 49ers, and Jets also think they have championship-caliber rosters. Find Brady to join who he thinks gives him the best chance of adding another ring.”

If TB12 is seeking to win its eighth Super Bowl, four teams stand above the rest in FOX Bet odds for that reason.

Brady won a Super Bowl in his first season with the Buccaneers in 2020 and has won a division with them the past two seasons. They should still have some good talent around him as receivers Mike Evans And Chris Goodwin They are under contract while hoping the offensive line can be healthier in 2023.

The Raiders reportedly make Brady their top priority the way they are Looking to replace Derek Carr this off-season. There are a few things that could draw Brady to Sin City. His longtime offensive coordinator with the Patriots, Josh McDaniels, is the head coach of the Raiders, and they have plenty of offensive talent. Davant Adams He might be the best receiver in the league, while Darren Waller And Hunter Renfro She proved to be good at catching passes. running back Josh Jacobs He is a free agent, but if he stays, Brady will have the league’s leading rusher in the backfield if he chooses to join the Raiders.

San Francisco offers Brady the chance to finish his career at home and with the team he had his roots in as a kid. The 49ers are loaded with talent like Christian McCaffreyAnd Debo SamuelAnd Greg Kettle And Brandon Ayuk They are all dynamic playmakers, and San Francisco’s defense is arguably the best in football.

The 49ers are already title contenders because they hold the #2 seed in the NFC Playoffs. Will they abandon the rookie Brooke Purdywho has yet to lose as a starter, and Tri Lance, who did they pick with pick number 3 in 2021, for the 45-year-old legend? This is the question that must be answered.

The Buccaneers want Tom Brady back. Raiders, Titans, and 49ers are among the teams interested.

The Buccaneers want Tom Brady back.  Raiders, Titans, and 49ers are among the teams interested.

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe speculate what’s next for Tom Brady.

The Jets may be a lesser version of the 49ers, but the team still has a strong roster outside of quarterback. Their defense was also one of the best last season, while their offense boasts young playmakers Garrett Wilson And Bryce Hall. Looks like the team is in the market for a quarterback, eg Zack Wilson The experiment did not work for them up to this point.

Another team with some potential are the Titans, who offer something somewhat similar to the Invaders. Brady could meet head coach Mike Vrabel, with whom he played for the Patriots for eight seasons while playing for the team that made the playoffs the previous three seasons before 2022.

Finally, Indianapolis would be interesting, considering Brady could play where his longtime rival, Peyton Manning, has spent most of his career. The Colts likely won’t be competing for a title in 2023, even though they finished 4-12-1. Nothing one of the best quarterbacks of all time can change, right?

So where will the TB12 end up? Stay tuned FOX Sports For the latest news about one of the NFL’s biggest offseason stories.

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