NFL veterans talk Greg Berhalter: Beasley, says more USSR must move, Donovan to keep

men and women in the United States world Cup Veterans DaMarcus Beasley, Shannon Boxx and Julie Foudy said Tuesday night that they believe American football should move on from Greg Berhalter as manager of the men’s national team.

He speaks on HBO Max’s post-Games show American Women 4-0 friendly win over New ZealandBeasley, a four-time men’s World Cup veteran and former teammate of Berhalter in the United States, said the coach had “lost the locker room, lost the confidence of the players.”

However, Paisley tweeted on Wednesday that he was stating his “opinions” and “personally had experiences when a new coach was being talked about,” and that “none (of his comments) are based on conversations.”

Berhalter’s contract expired at the end of 2022 and the NFL is currently investigating the coach kicking incident His now-wife, then-girlfriend during an argument 31 years ago when the two were dating as freshmen at the University of North Carolina. American football learned about this incident from Danielle Reina, the mother of the American winger Gio Reina, and an old friend of the Berhalter family. Rena wrote in a statement She mentioned the incident to US Soccer Director Ernie Stewart because she was “extremely angry and shocked that Jew had been put in such a terrible situation”, when Berhalter spoke at a leadership conference about issues of conduct for an unnamed US player in the world. cup. It was finally reported before the athlete that Rena was the player Berhalter was referring to.

“It’s a bad situation,” Beasley said. “Just look at the train of events that happened. First, Greg Berhalter was not honest in his assessment of why Geo (Rena) didn’t play that first game. Bad. Geo’s reaction: bad. Then, after that, Greg comes in, I don’t know Who was speaking in front of (at the leadership conference), but it leaked that Geo had a problem and his behavior and (Berhalter) lost the locker room, lost the trust of the players, that sucks. Then obviously what happened with the Reynas team and that news that came out of what he did ( Berhalter) 30 years ago, something else sucks. Everything about this situation stinks.

“For me, I think American football, for example, can’t stay with Greg Berhalter. I think once you lose the locker room and the confidence of your players, I think you have to go. Hopefully (USA football president) Cindy (Barlow Conn) can ) and Ernie or whoever makes the decisions from seeing that and putting someone in that position to make better decisions and move this team forward.”

Paisley also said that before the post-World Cup drama with Reina, he was “on the Greg Berhalter train” and that he “did enough to keep moving forward and make this team a success in 2026”. He added that he believed the players would have “a vote in who will be the next coach”.

Boxx and Foudy both agreed with Beasley that the federation should move on from Berhalter, citing the difficulty of training for more than one course.

“In the four World Cups I’ve been to, it’s been four different coaches,” Box said. “It feels like maybe they need a fresh start, especially if they lose the locker room.”


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How did we get here? A timeline of the Berhalter and Rena family feud

Foddy expanded on the latest twist in the saga between Berhalter and the Reina family, discussing Danielle Reina’s admission that she sparked a decades-long incident to lead American football.

“Beyond the mess, the thing that bothers me the most is that it’s just sad,” Foddy said. “You have two very close families, this is a situation that happened 30 years ago and it’s[Rosalind Berhalter’s]leak story, not Danielle’s story. That’s her. The fact that this happens in a scenario you see often happening in youth sports or high school sports, and for it to be two football families They really have a massive history and they’ve been in national teams and that’s all we all know. I don’t think Greg can go on after that. The challenge of course is that you now only have three and a half years before the next World Cup, you have to finish this investigation quickly and go ahead and make a decision because it’s not You have time as before.”

USMNT veteran Landon Donovan said in a different media appearance Tuesday that he will retain Brahalter as coach.

“My opinion after four years of building an identity and a style is that a group of young players need continuity, so my opinion is I will keep Greg and let him continue for the next World Cup,” Donovan He said while co-hosting “The Darren Smith Show” on San Diego Sports 760 radio station. “Because I think having that continuity would help a lot. Geo attitude, the word that comes to mind is just sad. I’m sad for everyone that it got (to this point) — and if people don’t know they can google it – But it was a bit childish in all respects and it was difficult to watch someone who loves sports in this country.”

Donovan is a three-time World Cup veteran and has been teammates to Berhalter and Claudio Reyna in two of them – in 2002 and 2006. He is the USA’s all-time leading scorer and leader in assists. Donovan is currently the Executive Vice President of Sports Operations for San Diego Loyal at USL.

Donovan said he believes Gio Reina should not be left out of the US team because of the current issues.

“I won’t,” Donovan said. “I don’t think that’s fair.”

USMNT Assistant Coach Anthony Hudson leads the team’s January training camp. Stewart said earlier this month that Berhalter remains a full-time candidate for the positionBut the federation is still waiting for the results of the investigation before moving forward.

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