Nordic Combined: Geiger leads the joint in Klingenthal – Frenzel in third

As of: 01/21/2023 4:37 PM

Wind motivates the Nordic Combined athletes program in Klingenthal. There were no jumps on Saturday (January 21, 2023) — instead, the mass start at the cross-country ski run. Vinzenz Geiger and Erich Frenzel were able to shine there.

Written by Dirk Hofmeister and Jonas Schlott

At first there was no snow, then a fierce wind blew across the Vogtland. The Nordic Combined World Cup in Klingenthal also had to contend with adverse conditions on Saturday.

After the competitions were postponed to this weekend due to lack of snow, the planned jump cannot be held due to strong winds. Instead, the first two competitions were divided into two parts: the FIS World Federation jury initially decided to prefer cross-country skiing over 10 km as a mass start race. Jumping must be compensated for Sunday from 8:30 am.

Geiger WINS – Frenzel Third in front of a home crowd

Vinzenz Geiger coped best with the unusual decision. The player from Oberstdorf, who was injured in the past, had the best tactics in cross-country skiing and stayed in the shadow of the bullish group for a long time before taking the lead on the last lap. 28:41.5 minutes means first place for the Olympic champion.

I didn’t know how I felt after the last time I was in bed with the fluGeiger analyzed his race on the ZDF:That’s why I backed out at first. Tomorrow I have to do one of my best jumps because the field is so close together. “

Frenzel: “The audience played a big role”

In second place was Jens Lurås Oftebro of Norway (+1.2 seconds), ahead of record-breaking world champion Erik Frenzel (+1.3). The local hero rewarded himself with an impressive performance in front of his home crowd. “The audience played a big part in itFrenzel explained. Especially since then.New wind and snow is not an easy race” Permissible

Erich Frenzel finished third in his home World Cup in Klingenthal.

Johannes Ridzik finished 10th. Fabian Rissel landed right behind him. Julian Schmid invested a lot in the summit, but it was not rewarded and he did not finish 16th. Terence Weber (24) and Manuel Faißt (25) also have room for improvement. Jacob Lang made a big mistake and was passed for the 26th. Wendelin Thannheimer is also in the top 30 ranking at number 28.

Schmid has long been in command of the group

In heavy snow and wind, Schmid led the field on the first session with Finn Ilkka Herola. Then the geiger gradually pushed forward and aimed for the top. Meanwhile, Schmid pushed the pace, but failed in his attempt to create a gap for the first time.

Even after four kilometers the field remained close together. Schmid continued to belong to the leading group. Oftebro tried to pull away on the climb, but he couldn’t shake off his pursuers. Other DSV athletes have also kept in touch with the front.

Geiger and Frenzel roll up into the field

The lead kept changing on the penultimate lap. The snow was deep and the effort to climb was enormous. Lang made his way forward just before the entrance to the stadium. Assuming he already had the target in mind, he took a wrong turn and had to turn back. Geiger was able to capitalize on Lange’s error and make up a few places. And suddenly Frenzel was also in front.

He was also the local champion who, together with Oftebro, Geiger and Lamparter, managed to keep up with the increase in speed on the last lap. The Quartet has torn the crucial divide. In the last 100 metres, Geiger overtook his rivals and also had the most reserves in the sprint to the finish.

Reaper is fifth in the comeback

With Jarl Magnus Reaper, the World Cup leader was there for the first time since mid-December. The dominant 25-year-old suffered a parasitic infection at the start of January, which prevented him from training and forced him to cancel the World Cup in Oteppa, Estonia. The Norwegian’s lack of competition and training was barely noticeable on the course. He finished fifth and is only 2.8 points behind on the vault.

Race director Ottesen: “I hope I can calm down tomorrow”

According to race director Lasse Ottesen, there was no alternative to splitting the program into two parts. “There was a strong wind earlier today. It also snowed a little bit. The wind was very strong all day.”Ottesen explained on ZDF: “There was only a short break during which we could start training. For safety reasons and for fairness we had to stop training and we couldn’t start the competition. Hopefully it will be a little calmer tomorrow.”

A training jump will take place on Sunday at 7.30am, from 8.30am and a competition jump for Saturday’s competition. From 10 a.m. the athletes are required to return to the hill and from Bakken for the Gundersen competition on Sunday.

The World Cup in Klingenthal has been on the brink for a long time

The organizers in Klingenthal have not had to fight the weather for the first time in the past few weeks. The World Cup was originally scheduled for last weekend. However, an acute shortage of snow initially forced the organizers to cancel.

Then the FIS offered Klingenthal to run for the World Cup in Chaux-Neuf, France, which was also canceled due to lack of snow. The event was on edge until Tuesday due to an uncertain weather forecast.

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