“Only sick”? The 26-year-old is hostile – because he’s dating a 23-year-old who appears to be 8

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An unlikely couple: Britain's Dan Swiggart and American Shona Ray Lesnik
Unequal pair: Briton Dan Swiggart (26) and American Shona Ray Lesnik (23). © screenshot / Instagram.com/danswygart

An unusual couple raises the spirits. Reason: 26-year-old guy meets 23-year-old guy with baby body.

MUNICH/NEW YORK – The adage “where love is” is well known. This describes a situation in which two affectionate people are viewed critically or not understood by the outside world. Others do not always understand why friends or acquaintances fall in love with another person. Often also visual or Age differences are a stumbling block, as in the case of an odd couple in the United States.

A 26-year-old man is dating a 23-year-old who looks like an 8-year-old – and he’s hostile to her

In the United States, a romantic relationship has now developed between two people, which has led to heated discussions. The description of the facts at first seems completely harmless: a 26-year-old man dated a 23-year-old woman. But anyone who sees pictures of the couple will quickly realize that this relationship is special. Because 23-year-old Shawna Rae Lesnick is nothing like other women her age.

Shona Ray was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was a child. This was followed by medical treatments that beat the tumor but also had side effects. The American’s growth was so severely stunted that she stalled in her physical development. Shauna Ray to date has the body of an eight-year-old who is only 1.16 meters tall.

The young American also told her story on social media. She also became a reality star and had her own show called “I Am Shawna Ray” on the American TLC channel. A young British man also learned of the fate of the 23-year-old girl through the TV programme. He was so touched by her life story that 26-year-old Dan Swiggart sent Shauna Ray a personal message.

26-year-old Brit texts 23-year-old and meets her on a date – users think it’s ‘scary’

According to Swiggart, he watched the first season of “I Am Shona Ray” and was impressed by the lead actress’ “emotional strength”. In an instant, he sent flowers to Shauna Rae and wrote her a letter. In it, he wished the 23-year-old to spend her life in the best way possible and to be happy. More salutations came out, and the two kept in touch. Finally, he had an appointment in the United States.

Both posted several photos on Instagram that showed Shawna Ray and Dan cooking together, stand-up paddle boarding, or at the bar. It seems that history has also become a part of Shawna Ray’s reality show. However, the reactions on the network were fierce, especially since Dan Swiggart got it. Many people cannot understand how a Briton can date a woman who looks like a little child.

“I think it’s scary,” said one commenter. “Yes, she’s 23, but she looks and talks like an eight-year-old. She doesn’t act like a grown-up woman either. One Instagram user said. “If any man or woman can honestly say they look at her… As a ‘sexual woman’, he is lying or just sick.”

Other users have hinted that Swygart wanted to make himself known through his relationship with reality star Shawna Ray. Meanwhile, the reprimanders felt compelled to clarify some things. And he posted a video on Instagram in which he defended himself against the critical tones on the network.

Bright defends himself against harsh Instagram criticism — but the romance is still on point

Dan explained, “Shawna is an amazing 23-year-old woman who has a disability. So when you communicate with her, it’s important that you acknowledge her disability and see her as an individual.” The Briton continued to dehumanize Shauna Ray, if she deprived her of the right to a personal relationship. “She deserves to have relationships with whomever she wants,” Dan emphasized. Many people do not understand that relationships are based on personality, not appearance.

Shona Ray had some time ago interview with New York Post I talked about prejudice against them. „Wenn man mich ansieht, sieht man eine 8-Jährige“, gab sie zu, ergänzte jedoch auch: „Aber ich denke, wenn man sich die Zeit nimmt, die Details in meinem Gesicht, in meinen Händen, die Reife in meinem Körper zu Look. And if you take the time to talk to me, you really do realize that I’m 23 years old. “

In addition to the sometimes harsh criticism of the uneven couple, which was mainly aimed at Dan, there were also many other rants on Instagram. Many users supported Binary and wished them all the best. However, whether Shona Rae and Dan are enough for a future together as a couple seems questionable. “I didn’t really think about Dan and I being in a relationship and what that would look like,” she said on her reality show. Apparently, the main issue is the distance between the houses: “I suppose we’d probably try a long-distance relationship, but I’ve been in a long-distance relationship before. That’s not really my thing.” (x)

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