Pathan Box Office Prediction: SRK’s Comeback Film To Earn Rs 200 Crore In First Five Days, Provides Momentum For Bollywood

All eyes on Shahrukh Khan Pathan Comeback. From audiences, industry insiders to trade experts, everyone is waiting for the movie to hit theaters on January 25th. The film is responsible for bringing the Indian cinema industry back from its deep slumber, and film trade experts are confident that it will define the film. momentum for the rest of the year. They have “tremendous” expectations of Pathan.

Talking about Pathan, film trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​said, “As we all know, SRK is returning to the screen after four years in an out-of-home entertainment business and the promotional material has done the trick. People are talking about the film. Since it’s the first big release of 2023, All eyes are on him.” The film is expected to start with a collection of ₹40-50 crore.

The pre-booking for Pathaan went into full gear on January 20, and on the first day itself, it sold over 5 lakh tickets. More than 2 lakh tickets have been sold in top three multiplex chains, PVR, INOX, and Cinepolis. With two days to go until the film’s release, those numbers are expected to double. In response to the ticket sale, Taran said, “It proves that people only want to see a great artist on the big screen.”

Film producer and commercial expert Girish Johar feels the advance ticket sales for Pathaan have instilled a sense of confidence in the entire Hindi film fraternity, which has struggled in 2022 while facing stiff competition from global cinema and films from South India.

Tell Indianexpress.comAdvance ticket sales are great for all formats and all languages. It gives a lot of confidence, not only to the film team but also to the whole film fraternity. Pathaan is the best that Hindi films can offer till date. It has a star cast of Shah Rukh, DeepikaAnd John Abraham, directed by Siddharth Anand and supported by Yash Raj Films, all in their best matches. I’m expecting a great debut for Pathan”. However, he believes the film’s opening day collection will be between ₹35-38 crore.

Pathan’s glory will not be limited to its first day in theatres. Film trade experts are confident it will score some record-breaking collections over the five-day weekend. Girish Johar suggested that the film would earn ₹175-200 crore in the domestic market in the first five days and would easily collect ₹350 crore globally.

Film showrunner Akshay Rathi opined that Yash Raj Films, which failed to become a huge hit last year, “will come back this year”. He said, “Siddharth Anand and YRF have never gone wrong with the urban action genre. So, whether it’s a Tiger movie or a Dhoom franchise or War, it’s the genre that YRF has always been excited about. So, with a director like Siddharth, who somewhat understands large workgroups and artists The greats, they will be a great success.”

Siddharth Anand’s War, starring Hrithik Roshan And Tiger Shroff, released in 2019, is Bollywood’s highest first day grossing ever. It earned ₹53.35 crore on the day of its release. Will Bataan strike him again, however, remains to be seen. Also, Shah Rukh never fails to entice people to the theaters on opening day. 2018’s Disaster Zero managed an opening of ₹19.35 crore.

However, the Pathaan team did not promote the film in a traditional manner. Will this affect the audience’s level of awareness of the film? Taran Adarsh ​​replied, “The moment an actor opens his mouth, gives his opinion, boycott calls begin, controversies begin. Why do you want to get into that?” Awareness of the film increased.

In fact, Akshay Rathi is certain that “Paattan will set the momentum for the rest of the year and bring back revenue and restore livelihoods to millions of people associated with the film business.”

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