Patrick Roemer settles scores with ex Antonia

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Patrick Roemer and Antonia Hammer have been a couple for about two years. Photo: rtl


Sophia Sirman

Patrick Romer and Antonia Hammer were considered a dream couple after they met in 2020 on the dating show “Bauer sucht Frau”. About two years later, the couple took part in the “Summer House of the Stars” and even emerged as the winners of the competition. However, during the show, viewers criticized Patrick for his treatment of his girlfriend.

Shortly after the end of the show he was with a relationship Then Patrick and Antonia finished. Since then, the 22-year-old beautician has commented on the reasons for the breakup on social media. Most recently she has been a guest on Desirée Nicks Podcast “Lose Luder”, where she again comments on her past relationship.

Patrick Roemer has been making headlines lately: He’s been seen on and off with reality star Sabrina Meena, who rose to fame through the dating show “5 Senses for Love.” Recently, the two celebrated together at Berlin. Opposite “Build“The Zeitung finally admitted that Römer had an informal affair with the 30-year-old.” I hope you see it that way too,” said the farmer.

Patrick Romer takes a stand on the allegations

But the relationship with his ex-girlfriend is still problematic. Patrick Roemer has now spoken exclusively to Watson about Antonia’s allegations.

“I think the whole thing is such a shame. People judge me and say, ‘What a bad friend. ‘ I did everything for her for two years,” Roemer says of the criticism that hit him after “Summer.” He also laments the end of the two-year relationship with Antonia:

“I think it’s so sad that it ended so badly after the good time we had together. It’s like kindergarten.”

Roemer is critical of being portrayed as an unfriendly participant in the “Summer House of the Stars”. “In this format you can be nice and funny for 24 hours and at the end the five minutes show up when you’re not,” explains Farmer. This also created a distorted image of the relationship with Antonia. Patrick Romer explains: “Our relationship was reduced to what was shown at the summer home. She even told me after the summer home that she fell in love with me even more.”

Antonia herself had recently spoken out on the subject. On Desiree Nick’s podcast “Lose Luder” she said: “When I watched the last ‘Summer House’ episodes, I had a pulse and it was aggressive.” At the time, Antonia also explained that the relationship with Patrick probably would have failed even without the “summer home” fanfare.

Patrick defends himself against TikTok Antonia

On the podcast, Antonia explains that she and Patrick are “good together” and that they never broke up in an argument. Patrick can only partially confirm this. “She wrote to me after the breakup that she was glad there was no blood between us.” He was even more surprised when Antonia repeatedly shot the 27-year-old on social media.

“We actually broke up on good terms, and then she started shooting me on Tiktok.”

Patrick Romer and Antonia Hammer initially agreed not to post any more content about each other on social media. We agreed we were going to quit. But then Tiktoks started on me again, because they got so many views.Roemer explains. Then he reminded her that neither of them wanted to post anything anymore, “but she said it wasn’t supposed to be about me.”

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However, that did not resolve the dispute between the two. “I made a public statement about Tiktoks and complained that Antonia was bullying me. Then she blocked me,” says Patrick Roemer.

“Now you want to see me suffer.”

Rumer is disappointed that his ex-girlfriend is now openly attacking him after two years of relationship. “We won the summer house because I fought so hard,” Patrick explains. The 22-year-old esthetician first became known with his, “Now you want to see me suffer, I just don’t get it.”

Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer Use of material related to the software is permitted only by reference to and linking to RTL+.

Antonia Hammer and Patrick Roemer also participated in the TV show Couple Challenge. Photo: RTL/Frank Beer

Despite the allegations Patrick raises against Antonia, he has no grudge against his ex-girlfriend: “I’m just frustrated, I’m not mad at her, she should go her own way, I only wish her the best.”

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