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It’s the end of five years of expensive divorce.

As BILD am SONNTAG has learned exclusively from court circles, Rockstar is divorced Peter Maffay (73) and his fourth wife, Tanya (48), are now definitively engaged. As early as May 2022, the Starnberg District Court issued a settlement decision (File No. 001F690/17).

The result: Mafai had to pay 3.2 million euros to his ex-wife. The court also granted her her family’s villa in Dorsten (North Rhine-Westphalia).

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Chronology of great love

The two met and fell in love with Mallorca in 1999, when Tania was 25 years old. They got married in 2003 – and in the summer of 2015 they renewed their vows again.

A few months later, the sudden breakup. Mavai He fell in love again, with 28-year-old Hendrik Balsmayer (day 35). 38 years old, ardent MAFAI fans. The singer spoke of the blonde teacher in an interview that it was “a meeting that really surprised me.” Maybe Tanya’s charm is gone.

The divorce was finally filed in late 2017. Maffai reportedly broke off mediations to reach an out-of-court settlement. The reason seemed clear.

Mafai already has a daughter, Anouk (4), with partner Hendrikje Balsamir (35).

Mafai already has a daughter, Anouk, 4, with partner Hendrikje Balsamir

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Since the two did not have a marriage contract that would have provided for a different arrangement, Tanya was legally entitled to half of the wealth generated during twelve years of marriage. The singer shouldn’t like it at all.

And so Tanya McKay (her real name) sued for maintenance in March 2019 (File No. 001 F 226/19). In it, her lawyer confirmed a monthly maintenance claim of €56,000 (based on the couple’s standard of living).

Having been awarded part of the amount required in the first instance, the Munich Higher Regional Court later decided that Mafai had to repay.

However, the issue of the additional payment has not yet been resolved. Tanya McKay’s lawyer demanded more than 14 million euros. Not unreal. The musician has sold over 50 million records in his career. He owns, among other things, real estate worth millions in Germany, Spain and outside Europe.

On August 11, 2020, the divorce decision was finally granted by Starnberg District Court – but without a decision on earning. Mavai had filed to separate the divorce decree from the joint lawsuit.

On October 1, 2019, Maffei leaves the district court in Starnberg, where the chapter maintenance has been negotiated

On October 1, 2019, Maffei leaves the district court in Starnberg, where the chapter maintenance has been negotiated

Photo: Robert Gongol/Bild

Judges often grant this order if the person seeking divorce is very old or if there is also a new partner whom one would like to marry quickly.

So far the last line. Millionaire Maffay had to pay, although at the same time his lawyers demanded that she should actually pay him because Maffay’s assets had shrunk during the marriage. However, the court did not accept this thesis.

The ending now looks like this: Tanja lives, as BILD am SONNTAG knows, in Germany under the same roof with her parents, with whom she has always been very close. And while Mfay himself constantly raved about his new love in interviews and called old relationships “closed chapters,” Tanya always remained silent.

This time too, I left BILD am SONNTAG’s request unanswered. Mavai himself did not want to comment on the outcome of his divorce either.

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