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Super Bowl 2023 champion wanted.

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#2 San Francisco 49ers at #1 Philadelphia Eagles

Asian Football Confederation:

#3 Cincinnati Bengals at #1 Kansas City Chiefs

How do the NFL playoffs work?

The top two teams of the NFL season will face off in the Finals in Glendale on February 12, 2023.

These are determined by qualifiers. Teams have to survive the Wild Card Round, Divisions, and Championship in order to enter the Vince Lombardi Cup Grand Final.

Playoff entrants come from 18 game days in the regular season.

he ran Provides an overview of the road to Super Bowl LVII and explains the structure of the NFL playoffs.

AFC and NFC: How is the NFL divided?

The NFL’s competitive structure is based on a division into two conferences, the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).

Both are divided into four sections each. A total of 32 teams from eight divisions compete for a spot in the regular season playoffs. Each team plays 17 games and has one day off.

Both conferences have their own playoffs. In each conference, seven teams qualify, which are placed on a seeding list based on their regular season record.

Division 4 champions are seeded into the playoffs. The division winner with the best record is ranked first, and the division winner with the worst record is ranked fourth.

Then there are the three teams with the best regular season records that never finished first in the division. The team with the best record ranks fifth, and the weakest team ranks seventh. As a result, it is possible that the seven teams with the best record in the conference will not automatically make the playoffs.

With the same win-loss record Different criteria decide the allocation of space – From a direct comparison to the conference balance sheet to the strength of the schedule.

NFL 2022: Conference Seeds

NFC: #1 Eagles (14-3), #2 49ers (13-4), #3 Vikings (13-4), #4 Buccaneers (8-9), #5 Cowboys (12-5), #6 Giants ( 9-7-1), #7 Seahawks (9-8)

Asian Football Confederation: #1 Chiefs (14-3), #2 Bills (13-3), #3 Bengals (12-4), #4 Jaguars (9-8), #5 Chargers (10-7), #6 Ravens (10 -7), #7 Dolphins (9-8)

NFL 2022: Current playoff picture (State: Jan 23, 2023)

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Wild Card Tour

It meets the Round of 16. In this round, the #1 team always has a bye (it doesn’t start until the divisional playoffs). In wild card games in both conferences, the #2 team meets the #7 team at home, the #3 team plays the #6 team at home and the #4 team hosts the #5 team.


#7 Seattle Seahawks at #2 San Francisco 49ers 23:41

#6 New York Giants at #3 Minnesota Vikings 31:24

#5 Dallas Cowboys at #4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31:6

Asian Football Confederation:

#7 Miami Dolphins at #2 Buffalo Bills 31:34

#6 Baltimore Ravens at #3 Cincinnati Bengals 17:24

#5 Los Angeles Chargers at #4 Jacksonville Jaguars 30:31

Partition tour

Matches the quarter-finals. In this round, the #1 team enters the event and hosts the lowest-ranked team that prevailed in the Wild Card Round. Game two is played by the other two winning teams in the Wild Card round, and the team with the higher seeds has home advantage.


#5 Dallas Cowboys at No. 2 San Francisco 49ers 12:19

#6 New York Giants at #1 Philadelphia Eagles 7:38

Asian Football Confederation:

#3 Cincinnati Bengals at #2 Buffalo Bills 27:10

#4 Jacksonville Jaguars at #1 Kansas City Chiefs 20:27

Conference tournaments

Matches the semi-finals. The winning teams from the divisional playoffs meet in the respective conference and determine the Super Bowl entrants. The team with the higher seeds has the home advantage.


#2 San Francisco 49ers at #1 Philadelphia Eagles

Asian Football Confederation:

#3 Cincinnati Bengals at #1 Kansas City Chiefs


the last. NFC title winner meets AFC title winner. Super Bowl LVII will be held on February 12, 2023 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

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