Pietro Lombardi loses €1,000 to Dieter Bohlen

Pietro Lombardi lost a bet against Dieter Bohlen.

Pietro Lombardi lost a bet against Dieter Bohlen.Photo: rtl


Charlotte Zink

False notes, Bohlen utterances and 1,000 euros in gambling debts to Pietro: On Wednesday evening, the hot “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” is back again. Even if he’s the foreman of the jury Dieter Bohlen Admittedly, it’s not quite as fast as it used to be – with what is unpolished Opinion Still not backing down.

Lara from North Rhine-Westphalia was hit hard by his ruling on Wednesday. After no less than ten seconds of singing, the pop giant stopped the 21-year-old. “It won’t work, you have no voice at all – for nothing!” His rule was harsh. He added, “Dead chances!” There are four “no” selected candidates left.

Dispute over the mask filter

Candidate Esopios, who was notable for wearing a fully enveloping face mask, also received a “no” from Bohlen. Area:

“Because I want to convince with my voice.”

Unfortunately, that plan was only partially worked out on Wednesday night. “I don’t feel anything there, except pain,” Bohlin said after the masked man’s vocal performance. “I didn’t like it at all,” said fellow juror Pietro Lombardi.

Again, Bohlen was not at a loss for the obvious announcements.

Again, Bohlen was not at a loss for the obvious announcements.Photo: rtl

The two judges saw it differently. Although the singer Leonie had to struggle with herself, she finally gave Aesopius her “yes”. Katya Krasavichi said “yes” more easily. She explained that she loves it when someone is different. Since the rapper was also Esopio’s joker, the Mask fan made him a call-out.

Bohlen found it hard to believe: “I don’t know what the girls over there heard!?” According to the pop giant. He joked that they would likely see musical potential in a flat-footed frog.

Dieter Bohlen just won 1,000 euros

Talk about musical potential. Unfortunately, the nominee Raphael does not have it – thanks to the former Mr. Germany, the pop titan Bohlen is still 1000 euros richer. How did this happen? When he saw the 29-year-old Bohlen, he immediately noticed his athleticism. “Six pack? Show me!” , demanded that too.

Raphael presents his group of six.

Raphael presents his group of six.Photo: rtl

Pietro didn’t limit his curiosity to research: although he says he’s a more obscure person in sports, Juror competed against candidate Rafael in a push competition. “I bet everything on him – 1,000 euros!” With the aim of Raphael, who had previously revealed that he trains six to eight times a week.

Since Pietro had already given up after (at least) 35 push-ups, Bohlen won his bet—though not surprisingly. “You won 1,000 euros, you’re further!” Pop-Titan was happy and hugged Raphael.

It’s stupid that he still has to sing. Because it was nothing at all, he ended up with four – albeit amicable – rejections from the jury.

The rap duo hopes to reprimand Bohlin

Two self-proclaimed nerds, who appeared before a jury as rappers, caused quite a surprise Wednesday night. 17-year-old friends Linus and Raphael—whose stage names Klang Der Noodle and Ultra Raffy—became superstars.

Linus explained before the show that it was his dream to make a snail by Dieter Bohlen. However, now that the two have made up their own, there hasn’t been much criticism.

“I think you sing very well for a rapper,” Bohlin Rafi praised. Expert Krasavis found: “The rap was good,” and Petro also declared: “Awesome duet!” With four “yes”, the two 17-year-old “nerds” left the studio. “I’m curious as to how that will continue,” Bohlin said. Maybe not the only one out there.

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