Post-operative complications: Caro Robbins shows off her new butt

In the summer of 2021, reality TV star Caro Robbins (44) had her buttocks injected. At first, the 44-year-old bodybuilder, known in Germany from the immigrant documentary Goodbye Germany, was satisfied with the result. But the fluid got into her legs and also caused pain, fever and infections. The injection of hyaluronic acid again resulted in nodules in the tissue.

But in order to reach the end of her dream, Caro Robbins undergoes surgery again.

Caro Robbins: Complications of buttock surgery

A new docu-soap episode shows how the 44-year-old undergoes a series of cosmetic procedures. Surgical cosmetic procedures last six hours, during which Karo Robbins lifts her lips, tightens her stomach and enlarges her buttocks – bodybuilders charge 17,500 euros for these procedures.

However, buttock surgery is not without complications. Apparently, plastic surgeon Christian Wolf and his team were having problems inserting the 500g silicone implants into the bottom.

Andreas Rubens comments about what is happening, which he can follow through the window: “Of course it looks really violent. Bad, bad, bad”.

Caroline and Andreas Rubens on RTL

Karo Robbins and her husband Andreas: Bodybuilders used to look very different


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Caro and Andreas Robbins.

After a televised lie about a knife attack: Andreas Rubens apologizes


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The 56-year-old was calmed even more nervously by the surgeon’s assistant: “Christian has very high standards when it comes to incisions being small,” which is why insertions take so much time. In the end, implants are still inserted, but due to previous procedures and scarring, they are difficult to shape.

After the operation, the pain is still so great that Caro Robbins can’t sit up at first. When the 44-year-old was visited again by the TV team eight weeks after the operation, the situation looked very different. The pain was gone and Caro Robbins had nothing but to take care of the stitches. But the reality TV star is very happy with the result, and husband Andreas is also happy with Karo’s newly formed back: “It’s neat, isn’t it?”

Robbins before and after photos are shown on Instagram

The bodybuilder also shares the result of the operation with her followers on Instagram and publishes many photos. The bottom looks more voluminous, her lips look fuller and the stomach is also tighter.

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“We are very happy with the results. Every pain was worth it. Now we keep working on it. With hard training and diet. Summer is coming,” Karo Robbins captioned her before and after photos.

Followers are divided

How do your followers like it? Opinions differ on it. “You should accept your body the way it is,” one user raves, while another follower praises, “Wow, it looks great.”

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