Prince Harry: A psychologist on the reason for his current behaviour

It seems Prince Harry has been throwing himself at serious allegations lately. spoke to a psychologist about the behavior of the royal family.

Prince Harry He (38) caused a stir in the royal world some days ago with his memoirs “Speer” (in German “reserve”). On the one hand, he gives a lot in the book Private insights In his life he talks about it the birth of his children His drug use and, of course, his relationship Duchess Meghan (41). On the other hand, the biography is also full of harsh criticism of the royal family as an institution and members of the family. There is also no shortage of allegations in various television interviews that Harry has given for promotional reasons. However, one thing seems to be missing from Harry’s many revelations: self-reflection. It is noted again and again that the Prince not only seems to contradict himself, but that he also repeatedly considers others responsible for his actions. But what is this behaviour?

The first doubts about the “backup” syllables: did he lie here? More on that in the video above!

Here Prince Harry contradicts himself

Constant accusation from Harry: the British press takes his words out of context and changes his statements. For example, claims In an interview with Stephen Colbert (58) He never bragged about killing 25 people in Afghanistan. The 38-year-old complains that this press release puts him and his family in danger. And even if the term “swagger” is an exaggeration, Harry describes his mission in Afghanistan in his book in a completely raw way. For example, he describes the enemy fighters he has killed Like “chess pieces fall off the board.”. In addition, military experts criticized the fact that Harry is a mere So “sensitive” information was revealed, poses significant security risks.

Another surprising point: In the famous interview with Oprah Winfrey (68) Meghan and Harry have clearly accused the royal family of racism, among other things. In a new interview, Harry doesn’t want to know anything about her. Instead, he again claims that his quotes were taken out of context by the British press. Finally there will be The difference between racism and “unconscious bias”.

Harry sees the reason for so many negative headlines not only in the press himself, he also describes in his memoirs, for example, how his now infamous Nazi uniform appeared, for which the 20-year-old was severely criticized. However, according to him, they are William (40) and Kate (41) That was it Encourage himTo choose a tasteless costume.

The first doubts

First doubts about ‘stand-up’ clips: Did Prince Harry lie here?
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The expert explains: Since Prince Harry’s move to the US, his behavior has peaked

But how does Harry seem to so often seek blame elsewhere? spoke to psychologist Sebastian Bartoschek about Harry: “With Harry you can see an increasing tendency towards externalization over the past few years, that is, blaming the behavior on third parties. There is also a tendency, in my opinion, towards so-called groupthink. I mean The collective thinking that if I increasingly surround myself with the same people, I will find a unifying narrative and differentiate myself from the crowd. In my view, this marital bonding with Megan was actually a trigger for then again moving to the US. You can already see that there is an incremental escalation, Given the negative contributions regarding the royal family.”

Allegations of racism against the House of Windsor were the reason Harry and Meghan “found a grateful audience” in the US at the time, when the situation was different, Harry had a very exposed and good standing in the royal family as the Queen’s favorite grandson and since then has become increasingly popular and loved Now to justify for himself why I am there and where I am. And humans in general tend to blame others for something like this. If you then assume—this is what I mean by groupthink—that they have an environment that will certainly support their point of view, then that process intensifies again.”

How reliable are Prince Harry’s statements?

Sebastian Bartoschek has the impression that Harry and Meghan are increasingly positioning themselves against the royal family from the perspective of the United States. He also needed it somewhat for final liberation. […] I don’t think Harry is lying, in the sense that he’s deliberately spreading lies, but I think the whole thing may have become more and more acute in his memory,” the expert is sure.

Will the royal family be disbanded?  Carla Bruni makes fun of Harry and Meghan

Will the royal family be disbanded? Carla Bruni makes fun of Harry and Meghan
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