Prince Harry: After the attack in Spear: Diana’s former butler broke down in tears

In his memoir Spear, Prince Harry takes a swipe at Diana’s former valet, Paul Burrell. He is said to have “exploited” the death of Harry’s mother in his book.

Prince Harry (38) It only appeared in his book “Al-Ghayyar”. With his family to settle. Even familiar comrades get rid of fat. Paul Burrell (64), a former servant of his mother Princess Diana († 36), accusing Harry of pure self-interest in 2003 his own memories Under the heading “Royal Duty” (German: “In the Service of My Queen”). At the time, “Paul brought his blood to a boil with the book,” quotes “” Prince Harry.

Prince Harry criticized Paul Burrell, Diana’s former butler, and published his book in 2003

In addition to the son of the accused Konig Charles III. (74) for “exploiting” his mother’s former confidante, whom she once called “rock solid,” for money over Diana’s death. Paul Burrell told The Sun that when he heard the allegations, he broke down in tears.

After the theft trial against Paul Burrell: ‘The book was my defense’

The former confidant of Princess Diana expressed his deep sorrow and explained that his book “A Royal Duty”, which also contains fond memories of Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William (40), including, born of necessity. At that time, after a grueling process he was in Diana’s belongings were stolen It was charged – the water was up to the neck.

“Harry forgot what led to my book — I went to court and went to hell and back for two years, I was falsely accused of theft,” Burrell said. First a comprehensive explanation Queen Elizabeth II. (96), in which she asserts that she gave Paul Burrell her blessing to take some things “for safekeeping,” she manages to prove his innocence. “The book was my defense,” he insisted.

Diana’s former butler is sure: Harry was touched

Paul Burrell does not understand the serious allegations: “Harry knows exactly how faithfully I serve his mother.” So it is clear to him that Harry stayed in a new environmentin a new country, must have been the reason for his change of mind: “He left the world I knew in a completely different world, influenced by completely different people, and thus his personality has completely changed,” he guessed.

After the trial he regained his freedom, according to Paul Burrell, but “I was penniless, almost broke”. The operation even drove him to the brink of suicide: “I couldn’t see a way out. The whole system was against me. Exactly the system Harry is now attacking in his book.”

Paul Burrell: Boch got him back on his feet at that point

His wife was just as burnt out as he was at the time, and her jewelry was confiscated so they could provide for their two sons, Alex and Nick. “The money that came out of my book has rebuilt myself and my family,” admitted Paul Burrell.

On the other hand, Harry does not know what this life crisis means. “It was In a very special world It was born into it,” Paul Burrell explained. He is very selfish in many ways because he only blames others for his shortcomings. He seems to have lost his footing. It’s also insulting that Harry only refers to him as his ‘butler’ in the book, which is one of many taunts about many people in the book, said the 64-year-old.

Paul Burrell joined the royal household as a servant at the age of 18 before being promoted to the Queen’s butler in just a year. Eleven years later, in 1987, he became part of Charles and Diana’s staff and served as Diana’s butler for ten years, until her death in 1997.

Even his therapist can attest to it

Even his therapist confirms that he is “addicted to journalism”.
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