Prince Harry: Pin-up girl speaks out on prom night: He was ‘like an animal’

Already in his back-up, it’s clear Harry let her sniff for a while. And now Nicola McClain also reports what Harry is the party animal.

recently released Prince Harry (38) His memoirs. In his “reserve” he was given complete privacy. When it comes to his alcoholic escapades, he doesn’t mince his words either. But one story is not found in his book. Former glamor model Nicola McClain, 41, is now researching the topic. She tells of a tequila-rich night with the Prince. Apparently, Harry was said to be “like an animal” when drinking.

Drink Like an Animal: Watch the full recap of the story in the video above.

Prince Harry smoked “an entire bag of weed” in one night

It becomes clear in Reserve that Prince Harry really can let her rip during the ceremony. It’s the language of drinking beer by the liter. He doesn’t just write about alcohol. He also says that one night he “smoked a grocery bag full of weed”. However, he often drank not for pleasure, but mainly to distract himself. Harry has always been electrified. The prince wrote: “It turned out how much I drank.” His book reveals his desire to numb his feelings and memories with drugs and alcohol so that he would not have to think so much about the loss of his mother.

The Duke of Sussex loves tequila

But drinking and partying were a lot of fun for the prince. As Mirror reports, he organized a proper drinking session at the 30th birthday party of retired rugby player James Haskell (37). Nicola MacLean, who took part in the British version of Jungle Camp, told the British newspaper how much fun she had there with Harry. It is already known from “Spare” that Harry’s favorite drink is tequila. In it, he wrote that he loved his ex-girlfriend Chelsea very much because she drank as much tequila as he did. And Nikola can also confirm his love for the soul. She and Harry are said to have spent the bar’s stock of tequila together.

Megan Herzogen and Prince Harry

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“we pee our pants laughing”

Nicholas’ husband at the time, footballer Tom Williams (42) and Harry, are said to have tried to “sneak in and get some more”. However, the security service opposed the plan. Perhaps it was for the best, because Harry and Nicola had already had enough. So much so that Nikola fell into the bushes. “Don’t tell Tom,” she said as Harry helped her out of the bush. “We peed in our pants laughing,” said the former jungle camp candidate. However, she could not hide the incident from her husband because her white dress was not snow-white then. “It wasn’t my finest moment,” Nicola said, “but who doesn’t want to get drunk with Prince Harry?”

Prince Harry never bothered to remain “pro or royal.”

The Hanging Girl was especially excited by Harry’s more relaxed nature. Nicola doesn’t know if she’d have that much fun with Prince Harry today, but she definitely liked him at the time: “I met him before he met Meghan, so I don’t know if that changed anything, but he was a really nice guy.” . She found it very refreshing that Harry, despite his princely status, “wasn’t watched what he drank in order to maintain his professionalism or royalty”. For Nicola, this was perhaps the highlight of the evening. Not even Hugh Hefner (91) According to her, she could keep up with the prince when it came to parties: “I loved Hef — I was a huge fan, but when it came to parties he was definitely not in Harry’s league.”

Prince Harry - Revenge

Prince Harry – Revenge “Reserves”
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