Prince Harry wants his family to apologize to Meghan

DrHe’s British Prince Harry He wants his family to apologize to his wife, Duchess Meghan, 41. The 38-year-old told The Daily Telegraph in an exclusive interview published on Saturday. He demanded, rather than accusing him of being delusional and paranoid, that his father, King Charles III, and his brother, Prince William (40), should have a “reasonable” conversation with him. What he really wants is for them to take responsibility. He added, “And an apology to my wife.”

For his latest memoir, Spur, Harry said he has material for two books. However, there are some things that happened, “especially between me and my brother, and to some extent between me and my father, that I don’t want the world to know,” Harry continued. The background is that he didn’t think they could forgive him for that. That may indeed be the case, he admitted. Harry said he was willing to forgive his father and brother for everything.

In his autobiography, Harry describes his life in the shadow of his older brother and how he dealt with the sudden death of his mother, Princess Diana. Harry also accuses his family of colluding with the newspapers, which he blames for Diana’s fatal car accident. Megan He sees himself as a victim of the palace’s public relations campaign, which was intended to put a better spotlight on other members of the royal family at Meghan’s expense.

In the UK, Prince Harry’s popularity has suffered with the release of the autobiography. In a poll conducted on Monday by British opinion research institute YouGov, 64 per cent had a negative opinion of the 38-year-old. He and Meghan are now no more popular than Prince Andrew, the king’s brother who has not been disgraced for his involvement in a sex scandal.

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