Republic Bank & Trust: Real Estate Equity Review 2023

Founded in Kentucky, Republic Bank & Trust, also known as Republic Bank, is a financial institution with branches mainly in the southern and midwestern United States. The bank has 42 full-service banking centers and two loan-producing offices throughout Kentucky, southern Indiana, Florida, Tennessee and Ohio.

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Republic Bank and Trust

Republic Bank offers personal and business banking services. Its financial products include checking accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and home equity lines of credit, or HELOCs. According to a customer service representative we reached out to, customers must live within 30 miles of the branch to qualify for a HELOC. Customers can conduct banking transactions through Mobile Banking, Internet Banking or Personal Banking.

Republic Bank: at a glance

Types of loans offered hillock


7.50% to 18.00% variable APR (3.99% introductory fixed APR for 6 months)

loan amount

Up to $500,000

Minimum credit score


Terms of payment


Average time to approval


Republic Bank’s HELOCs may be a good option for customers who live within 30 miles of a branch in certain areas of Kentucky, southern Indiana, Florida, Tennessee, or Ohio. The bank’s maximum combined loan-to-value, or CTLV, ratio is higher than many other competitors, making it worth considering if you need a larger line of credit. On the downside, you may face a prepayment penalty if you pay off your home equity line of credit early.

what we like

  • Easy access to funds with the HELOC Access Card: Republic Bank provides a card to easily access your HELOC funds. This card works like a credit card, allowing you to spend HELOC money directly.
  • Borrow up to 90% CLTV: The combined loan-to-value ratio, or CLTV, is calculated by dividing the total loans secured on your home—including the primary mortgage and any home equity loans or HELOCs—by the value of your home. Most lenders will put a cap on your CLTV to ensure that you don’t borrow more than your home is worth. Republic Bank’s CLTV cap is 90% higher than many other lenders, which could allow you to get a larger loan if you qualify.
  • Physical branches in five states: While Republic Bank doesn’t have the geographic footprint of a major national lender, if you live in Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Tennessee, or Ohio, you can get personal assistance at one of the bank’s 42 full-service banking centers or two loan-production offices.

What we don’t like

  • Prepayment fine: Paying off your HELOC early — if you can afford it — can help you save up on interest and get out of debt faster. Republic Bank’s HELOC may come with a prepayment penalty, according to the bank’s website, which charges you a fee to pay off your debt faster.
  • Limited geographical availability: Republic Bank has branches in just five states, and its loan products are only available to customers within 30 miles of the branch. The bank has a tool on its website that shows if it offers HELOCs in your zip code.
  • Minimum information provided online: Information about Republic Bank’s HELOCs, including the length of both withdrawal and payout periods, and a full schedule of fees, is scarce on the website. You will need to contact a representative to find out more.

Mortgage options

Republic Bank offers home equity lines of credit, or HELOCs, in select regions. A tool on the bank’s website will tell you if HELOCs are available in your zip code. Republic Bank does not provide home equity loans.

while both Real estate equity loans and HELOCs are borrowing against the home equity you have built in your home, a hillock It offers you a line of credit that you can borrow with during the withdrawal period, usually 10 to 15 years. During this time, you usually only pay for any interest that accrues on your credit line – although you may be required to make some major payments based on your lender agreement.

Republic Bank offers an interest-only HELOC service, which means you only have to worry about paying the accrued interest or $50 per month, whichever is greater, during the withdrawal period. If you can, you should still try to pay off the principal during the withdrawal period to prevent a sharp spike in your monthly payments and to save on interest during the repayment period.


Republican HELOC Bank comes with a $50 annual fee after the first year, comparable to most HELOC lenders. Some Republic Bank HELOCs may come with a prepayment penalty.

How do you qualify

Republic Bank does not provide the exact requirements needed to qualify for a HELOC. However, there are some factors that the bank will consider when assessing your application, including the value of your home, available equity and Balance history.

CLTV will also determine your loan amount. You calculate your CLTV by adding your remaining mortgage balance to your home equity line amount, then dividing that number by the current value of your home.

For example, let’s say your remaining mortgage balance is $150,000, your HELOC is $50,000, and your home is worth $250,000. Your CLTV would be 0.80, or 80% ($200,000 divided by $250,000).

Most lenders ask for CLTV at 85% or less, but Republic Bank allows up to 90%, with The maximum loan amount is $500,000 – which means you may be able to get a larger HELOC with this lender.


You can apply for a HELOC with Republic Bank online or in person at a local branch as long as you live in one of the areas where that bank offers services. You will need to provide your name, address, phone number, email, social security number, and possibly proof of employment or income.

You can access the application online at HELOC information page On the Republic Bank website.

To apply in person, contact local branch To setup an appointment.

Customer service

If you need help with your loan or application, you can contact Republic Bank customer service in several ways.

The website has a live chat feature available from 8am to 5pm ET Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. You can also get help by phone between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM ET Monday through Friday and between 8:30 AM and 5 PM ET on Saturday and Sunday, excluding holidays. The bank has several customer support phone numbers, but the HELOC line is 866-758-3970. Finally, you can email customer support at

There is also a file online form To send comments or questions to the CEO of the bank, but this method is better for sending general feedback about the bank than getting help tailored to your problem.

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