revealing the secret! BFC Dynamo regained the record champion banner of the GDR

Hidden behind the red curtain, the traditional BFC Dynamo logo is waiting for you.
Hidden behind the red curtain, the traditional BFC Dynamo logo is waiting for you. zVg

They had to do without her for 13 years. But what takes so long will be fine in the end. She’s coming home! When BFC Dynamo posted congratulations on his 57th birthday on Sunday, he caused a jolt!

It’s a small detail that can easily be overlooked. While in the foreground the number 57 with “Happy Birthday” prominently in front of the club’s current crest seems to dominate everything, the attentive observer directs his gaze to the left. There is a white hand holding a curtain. Behind it it shines white and yellow. Resourceful eyes recognize the curved white Dynamo-D against a wine red background and the golden yellow corn wreath around it. Which opened the door to wild speculation.

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BFC President Peter Meyer brings home the Dynamo crest

what is all of this? Is the dream of red and white wine come true?

BFC was silent at first. Now the secret is revealed. “Now go home about home,” Peter Meyer EXCLUSIVELY tells KURIER. Through one of his companies, the chairman of the Hohenschönhauser Economic Council obtained the rights to the traditional crest of his club. Of course, he refused to give the exact price. But according to KURIER’s info, a six-figure amount is said to be due.

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BFC lost its original logo in 1992 due to article by famous fan and souvenir dealer Pepe Mager on the wild years of reunification, when in the meantime it was operating under the name FC Berlin. He later had to leave it to other circles, who apparently approached the former Hertha frog on the capital’s football scene with an offer the cult figure could not refuse.

The traditional logo of BFC Dynamo
The traditional logo of BFC Dynamo Imago / Christian Schroeder
The current traditional Dynamos logo, which has been in service since 2009, is here on the back of the stand.  & nbsp;
The current traditional Dynamos logo, which has been in service since 2009, is here on the back of the main stand. Imago / Goku

It doesn’t matter, let’s leave it alone, the BFC’s attempt to regain the banner of the GDR champions (ten titles in a row) failed for a long time simply because of the lack of funds. At the start of this millennium, red and white wines weren’t on a bed of roses. Even today, they could not have paid the amount from their own resources without depriving football of big money.

Motto: BFC has big plans

However, every football club must own its own logo and own the rights to trademarks. This is a prerequisite for obtaining licenses to run the respective game. With a gnashing of teeth, the Dynamo gained a new motto in 2009. Traditionalists have always felt this was wrong, but they put a good face in the bad game. There was no other way.

So the long-awaited reunion is coming now, as what belongs together grows together. The slogan, which was met with enthusiasm. But until everything is in the sack and bags, the fan will have to be patient. And so much can only be revealed here: There are big plans in Hohenschönhausen. The logo is just one component of a larger overall package that Dynamos wants to use to shape their future.

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