Rextroy solos World Boss…in ten seconds…at 4M DpS

iphone Philip Sattler
World bosses are usually very difficult in WoW. But if he has to bow to one player and only has ten seconds left, that’s a mistake: Rextroy strikes again!

In most cases, world bosses in WoW are nothing more than piñata loot. Everyone hits it off in one form or another, and eventually the boss drops in leaving some of the spoils for the lucky few. There are only a few exceptions where world leaders really pack a punch and remain victorious.

The current world boss is Stronran Medium. Time and time again inattentive players die, but in the end the dragon always goes down. Depending on the number of players there, this may take a few minutes. Unless Rextroy is around. He simply single-handedly defeats the boss – by shooting a nice 4 million DpS from the hip. Or maybe like lightning from the sky?

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