Road rage cases on the rise: Police call for restraint, psychiatrist begs for mental health certificate to get driver’s license

With incidents of road rage on the rise in major cities including Bengaluru, a senior police officer has implored people to exercise restraint and call the authorities instead of taking the law into their own hands. A prominent psychologist in Bengaluru has suggested that a mental health certificate should also be a must while issuing a driving license.

The appeal came after two horrific incidents of road rage came to light in the space of four days in Bengaluru in which a young motorcyclist pulled over a man aged around seventy on January 17 and dragged a man on his hood for more than a kilometre. On January 20th.

In the Rajouri Park area of ​​New Delhi, a man was dragged on the hood of a car this month. Delhi Police said they have arrested the accused and detained him under various sections of the Indian Penal Code.

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Last November, a pharmacy owner was beaten black and blue after his car collided with a motorbike in Delhi’s Diyallpur district.

Stating that the last two cases in the city had reached extreme levels due to road rage, Bengaluru Special Commissioner for Traffic, M. PTI That people fight after the incidents, which leads to a heated exchange of words and then violence.

He added that such cases are dealt with strictly by the police in Bengaluru city and cases are registered against them. Referring to the two cases that shifted the focus to Bengaluru, Saleem said, “These two cases are quite uncivilized. I can say that these two cases are notorious where police have taken homicides and cracked down on people who even assaulted motorists.”

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“Bengaluru Traffic Police has a series of campaigns, especially to counter road rage. In fact, the Traffic Training Institute and Research Center as well as our Traffic Controllers Admission Committee are running a series of campaigns to educate people about good behavior on the road,” Saleem said.

The police also strengthened the city’s surveillance system by installing 7,500 surveillance cameras across the city under the “Safe City” scheme.

The police officer blamed trying to reach the destination on time as the main reason behind such incidents, and the officer appealed to people to leave to their place at least 10 minutes early so that there would be no pressure on the person to reach on time in the midst of traffic. . Slim also urged people to call the police whenever they discover there might be a problem on the road.

“The police response time is very fast in Bengaluru city. Just 10 minutes and immediately the police will come and investigate and take appropriate action as per the law,” the officer said.

However, the city’s renowned psychologist Dr Geetha Apacho, who is the head of the Swapreran psychological and wellness counseling clinic, said the problem is issuing a driver’s license as a small precaution in terms of the mental health of those applying for the license would make people more anxious. Comfortable on the go.

According to her, the issue of road rage could be related to displaced and pent-up road rage as people tend to feel like yelling at fellow passengers or pedestrians.

Dr. Abacho felt there was a need to understand underlying personal issues, which could be done easily.

“There are simple tests available that can be taken to not only understand someone’s driving skill. Yes, there are a lot of checks that happen even for a driver’s licence. But then we can also bracket in some other precautions that I’m in,” the psychologist said. : “Normal and healthy mental state as well, this will make us more comfortable on the road as well as everywhere.”

According to her, this will be one of the best ways to support young people who apply for a license after turning 18. “Today, it’s not about being given a car. It’s about having a driver’s license and taking responsibility,” said Dr. Abacho.

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