Round 19 results: Militao settled, and Vinicius was unlucky

Real Madrid tied 0-0 with Real Sociedad in the 19th round of La Liga. Defending around the outstanding Éder Militão was good over the 90 minutes, while the three-man attacking line created a number of chances. Only in the end did Vinicius and Co. to the necessary cold.

Miliato, Vinicius

While Eder Militao convinces with a mature performance, Vinicius lacks the necessary scoring luck – Fotos: Getty Images

starting from eleven

Thibaut Courtois

The world goalkeeper was (surprisingly) hardly challenged that night. Only in the individual duel with Kubo was 1.99m really challenged after just over an hour. He kept his upper hand and parried the Japanese’s shot from a tight angle. Good, except for a small technical foul, the usual sovereign performance of the goalkeeper. True Total – Note: 2,5.

Nacho Fernandez

After performing well recently, the veteran delivered an indistinct and at times mixed game on Sunday night. Offensively, as expected, without much effect, defensively he sometimes had one-on-one situations that were difficult to defend. The 33-year-old made his start satisfactorily for the most part, even if he was embroiled in a misunderstanding before concluding Ilarramendi after a good quarter of an hour. Real Total – Note: 3,5.

Antonio Rudiger

When the match started, the German player presented a decent defensive performance, as he was less present than his neighbor Eder Militao. So he didn’t make any big mistakes compared to the previous weeks. However, looking away from actual game situations sometimes seemed overly stimulating and not very effective. True total note: 3.

Edir Militao

Powerful at the start, powerful and skilful in the tackle: the 25-year-old once again confirmed his gradual development into a (world-class) centre-back against Real Sociedad. The Brazilian has not only won six duels in the air and many important duels on the ground (three matches, one direct ball victory). In the closing stages Blancos pushed hard again and again. With his ball to Asensio, he could have even contributed (before) an assist shortly before the end. The bottom line is a clean and mature performance by the central defender. True Total – Note: 1,5.

Eduardo Camavinga

The fact that the Frenchman is not a trained full-back became evident that evening, especially in his defensive behaviour. The youngster was easily outplayed in some situations and was not always in the best position when playing the ball. However, the 20-year-old introduced himself enthusiastically and had his feet in the game in some impressive combinations. True total note: 3.

Daniel Ceballos (up to 78 minutes)

Dynamic, playful and cautious: the Spaniard put in a solid performance against Real Sociedad as well. Ceballos has always been playable (99 moves with the ball), has developed a lot of movement in the attacking game (three shots, one key pass), skillfully continues to open spaces and also has a number of good counter-pressing measures. Whatever his midfield constellation, the 26-year-old runs almost without restraint these days. In terms of form, extending the worksheet appears to be a mere formality. True Total – Note: 2.

Toni Kroos

136 ball movements confirm that the German was once again a pioneer (!) In the royal game. Almost all attacks passed through the midfield strategist, who also made a dangerous score from 20 meters. Kroos recovered many balls in the last minutes and played his part in Real while maintaining pressure. The only drawback: the 33-year-old’s standards weren’t quite as good as usual that evening. True Total – Note: 2,5.

Federico Valverde (up to 78 minutes)

After some somewhat disappointing performances recently, “Fede” has delivered a slight improvement. The Uruguayan has been involved in some good combinations. However, the 24-year-old never again rediscovered his coolness at the end and his impressive punch in the final third of the stage before the World Cup. Real Total – Note: 3,5.

Real Madrid shirt

Rodrigo goes

Switched to the starting line-up after making a huge impact as a substitute in the derby, the Brazilian has performed well. The youngster, who was called up as a winger, had already got his feet into the game when he created several good chances and scored twice himself. The chemistry with Vinicius and Benzema was particularly promising that evening. True Total – Note: 2,5.

Karim Benzema

Not an easy evening for the world class footballer! Faced with passion from the Basque defense, the Frenchman was more convincing as a striker than as a goalscorer. Vinicius served several times in a promising position (three key assists) and also satisfied with the clever positioning between his opponents’ areas of responsibility. However, “KB9” rarely knew how to display the necessary target threat. True total note: 3.

Vinicius Jr

In terms of commitment, joy of playing and dynamism, a great performance by the Brazilian who was greeted with cheers from Madridismo after the recent (racist) scandal surrounding the Madrid City duel. The winger distributed a few leg shots and sent the Basque back line into the cinema again and again. In terms of efficiency in front of goal, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Because it didn’t matter from which position the 22-year-old finished: either he just missed it (14th place) or he found his master in the outstanding Alex Remiro. However, good performance! True Total – Note: 2,5.


Luka Modric (from the 78th minute of the match)

The old master came to force the lucky punch. However, its effect was limited. Although the Croatian was released shortly before the end, he was unable to take advantage of the opportunity. Additionally, it is not at the highest level in decision making and passing quality. Real Total – Note: 3,5.

Marco Asensio (from the 78th minute)

With a universal ball in Modric and some good movement and runs to the wing, the Spaniard tried everything to force a late win. Even if the score remained 0-0 after an intense 90 minutes, the crowd favorite certainly had arguments for more appearances. True Total – Note: 2,5.


Charles Ancelotti

The match plan and personal decisions seemed almost perfect given the situation of the team. The Royals have repeatedly put the Basque guests under pressure for large portions of the game and not allowed much on defense. The fact that the record champion in the end did not go beyond the tie was undoubtedly due to incompetence and lack of luck in the game. Many madridistas probably wished for earlier and more frequent substitutions. The personal situation and the course of the game have significantly limited Ancelotti’s options. True total note: 3.

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Round 19 results: Militao settled, and Vinicius was unlucky

Real Madrid tied 0-0 with Real Sociedad in the 19th round of La Liga. Defending around the outstanding Éder Militão was good over the 90 minutes, while the three-man attacking line created a number of chances. Only in the end did Vinicius and Co. to the necessary cold.

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