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If there is one question for the audience We are Asks After, after Watch SS Rajamouli‘s epic $$$$It is: “WHere we can see more of Ram Charan’s Ntr Jr.? ” It seems inevitable that Tollywood stars will Blow up the Hollywood movie scene with Cross success-Think pop-bts level star, But make it cinema.

It’s time to place our bets on which director or producer to turn to for a major franchise. The best part? They are ready to go. In an interview with varietyand Ram Charan and NTR Jr. They discussed their desire to go to Hollywood and the kind of films they would like to be a part of. Fans already know they have it Action-Star charisma on lock; they already have widely known in India, where they have it Rock and Vin Diesel Quickly and angry The popularity of the franchise without its strange competitive energy. the $$$$ stars friends, But they are open to the idea of ​​exploring a similar personal dynamic.

“Why not? Bring it on!” They share in unison. We’d like to explore this.Charan said emphatically They are both To make more international blockbusters,”[like] RHe rocks Vin Diesel.” NTR Jr. — who recently slipped into an interview He’d like to join the Marvel Cinematic Universeagreed. “As actors, we have to be open to accepting what we are given. We are very open minded.” Charan held their united front, adding, “We’re very keen to have your manager try us out as well in groups and I think we’ll do a great job.”

Their personalities on and off screen are just her amplify Avid fans dream of seeing them in it American movies. “I think both of our personalities are actually very similar [life]AndCharan Share. “And it was so natural when we were making the scenes.”

RRR includes a “Water-Meet-Fire” theme that is based on their characters. When asked which The items are Off-camera embodiment, NTR. son said, “I personally feel [after] The friendship we’ve had for the past 20 years, I think Charan is more than just water. I would say he is definitely an introvert. You know when you look at the sea, in general you can’t appreciate its depth. You don’t know what’s going on inside it except, and even, You are ready to dive into it. For me , Sharan as a person in general is very deep. You can’t appreciate what you’re going to get unless, and even, you ready, Or he’s willing to invite you.” Now, that is better Best friend read you’ve ever heard among the cast.

Then Charan jumped in. “NTR is somebody who, what you see is what you get. There’s nothing hidden. So he is all in, or all out. It’s as simple as that.” This is a bromance for the ages outside of the movie. Can they come as a package deal in movies? You almost don’t want to separate them.

Addressing something that RRR devotees have been wondering, the duo said there was no bad blood about not being India’s Academy Awards submission, explaining that the honor usually goes to a film in Hindi as it’s historically the language submitted. However, NTR Jr. noted that RRR director S.S. Rajamouli is helping change the thinking around that.RRR made it one big Indian film industry today globally. It fills us with a lot of pride that we are Telegu people sitting down here and talking—today, we are Indians as well,” he said, giving credit to their director. “It’s a clear example of when a master storyteller comes out with master stories.”

Charan added, “And now the West is also enjoying his films as the world is becoming one. Cinema is becoming one, the boundaries are being erased.”

Watch the whole charming and inspiring conversation below.

‘RRR’ Stars NTR Jr and Ram Charan Talk ‘Naatu Naatu’ & the International Success of the Telugu Film

RRR is currently in select theaters for awards season—we recommend watching it on the biggest screen possible, in its original Telegu presentation if you can. Otherwise, it’s also streaming with a less-than-ideal dub on Netflix.

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