RTL pays for Marc Terenzi’s Astronomical Forest Camp

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For Marc Terenzi, the jungle camp has really paid off for the second time: having managed to win the title in 2017, he is said to have capitalized properly as a companion to Verena Kerth.

Murwillumbah – While “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!” contestants in Jungle camp Usually only crawling creatures and smelly liquids are bathed, and it is not uncommon to pay exorbitant fees afterwards. But if you do it smart enough, you can take advantage of a more comfortable RTL – like Marc Terenzi (44), who accompanied partner Verena Kerth (41) to Australia this year.

Sometimes, very lucrative fees in the forest camp – comrade Mark Terenzi also collects

As a post-jungle camp participant, you haven’t taken care of yourself, but in a few weeks you can earn a very small amount with “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!”. Some people desperately need the fee, which varies greatly by contract: Cosimo (41), for example, revealed that after his bankruptcy he only lived in a few square metres. Claudia Effenberg has to be the season’s 16th highest earner (57). It is rumored that RTL will cost her participation €500,000.

Jungle Camp: Marc Terenzi King of the Jungle, next to him with Verena Kerth during his presentation (photo montage)
The chemistry between Mark Terenzi and jungle camp is just right: in 2017 he takes the crown on an RTL show, and in 2023 he’s allowed to accompany his fiancee, Verena Kerth, to Australia. RTL reportedly paid huge fees for this (photomontage) © RTL / RTL +

But apart from spiders, cockroaches and snakes, you can also earn quick euros in Australia: all of Twelve candidates for jungle camp He’s been known to be allowed to bring a “Down Under” buddy who can get cozy at the luxurious Versace Hotel while the celeb struggles through the hardships of the bush. From the RTL itself, there must be at least pocket money of at least €1,500. But at least Marc Terenzi won’t let that stop him.

How much does it cost to produce a jungle camp season?

Considers “I’m a star – get me out of here!” It is the most elaborate, and therefore also the most expensive German TV programme. There are no official figures, but it is estimated that the production will cost around 30 million euros per season. The money flows into celebrity fees, salaries of production staff and rights to use the location on which the RTL cult show is filmed.

Five-figure fee for Marc Terenzi as Jungle Camp Companion – RTL generous

How do bild.de mentioned , The 2017 Jungle King must receive ten times the minimum companion fee – that’s no less than €15,000! Not only is the pop star the record holder when it comes to supporting this year’s jungle camp, but it seems he’s also got his own deal with RTL: he’s not only available to the Cologne broadcaster for interviews, but also for his own scenes. – Like the romantic marriage proposal he made to Verena after her choice (January 20).

This year, the comrades in the hotel were particularly in the spotlight after the rumors of strangers about Lucas Cordalis’ father (55), father Peter Klein (63): meanwhile, too Daniela Katzenberger, 36, commented on the jungle camp drama about her mother, Iris Klein, 55.. Sources used: bild.de, rtl.de

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