Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: first images circulate on Twitter

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will once again be the best-equipped premium model in the new S23 generation. It is expected to be released in February 2023 along with the S23 and S23 Plus.

More detailed information about the release date and price is not yet known. So far, there have only been rumors about the design and colors available as well as the battery, camera and chip of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The first images of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra have now surfaced on Twitter.

When you can pre-order and purchase the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, it will be announced at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event. The event will take place on February 1, 2023.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is about to be released. In addition to the regular Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the third smartphone in the upcoming S23 series. As Samsung’s answer to the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, the upcoming Ultra will once again be the best-equipped model of the new generation – at least that’s our firm assumption, because There is still no confirmed information about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. But we already have some rumors and leaks from more or less well-informed leakers. So what we already (we think we) know about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? Overview.

Release: When will the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra come out?

The exact date for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has not yet been determined. As a rule, new Samsung Galaxy S smartphones in the first quarter of the year Served as part of an unpacked event. The last four generations were launched in January and February, respectively. In this regard, there is a lot to say about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra once again It could hit the market in February 2023. Added to that The next Unpacked event will take place on February 1, 2023. Leaker Ice Universe previously posted the date on Twitter previously:

In the past, almost new smartphones Posted two weeks after the announcement in Samsung Galaxy Unpacked. if So the release date is one day in the middle of February 2023 in the question.

If you’d like to follow the Unpacked event live, you can do so on February 1st, 2023 from 7pm CET via Samsungs YouTube channel Stream!

Price: How much will the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cost?

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 has not been specified either. The last two Ultra models have them in a row 1249.00 euros Taste Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will probably also cost € 1249.00 again. In light of the tense economic situation and factors such as chip shortages and inflation, there could also be a price adjustment. We’ll likely only find out how expensive (or cheap) the S23 Ultra will end up with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Unpacked.

Design and colours: This is what the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will look like

According to rumors, the design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will not change much compared to its predecessor. this means: Angled corners, a round screen and various camera modules on the back. Plus, there must be one again S Pen slot Give, a feature that was only introduced in the current generation S-22 Ultra. But there are also experts who believe that the new cell phone Slightly bigger and heavier must be. that On the other hand, the screen and sides are said to be flatter will. However, these are likely to be unnoticed changes.

The first is already circulating on Twitter Offers of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. These renderings are actually very similar to the previous one. However, leaker Ice Universe has usually complained that these renderings aren’t entirely accurate. In particular, the camera modules on the back should get larger metal casings.

And in any Color options Will Samsung Galaxy S23 be available? Leaker Ahmed Qwaider assumes four different colors for the Ultra and S23 generation. Accordingly, new mobile phones must be in SchwartzAnd Green colorAnd Violet And creamy white Give. There shouldn’t be a pink, burgundy, white or gold option.

Meanwhile, official images of all models of the S23 series have also surfaced. And so did he Leaker evleaks posted each model in all colors at nine different angles in a Twitter post. You have to follow it to see the photos, as it restricts who can see its content. Meanwhile, Techdocterz, a blog that deals with new smartphones and other gadgets, posted the leaked S23 Ultra phones on Twitter:

If this is indeed the new S23 with its different color options, it would confirm the previous rumors about the new generation. We’ll probably be sure by February 1, 2023 at the latest, when Samsung will officially present the new cell phone.

Technical Data: All information about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera, memory, battery and chip

Although Samsung has not yet announced any details about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, we can assume that the new premium smartphone will only be equipped with the best technologies. We’ve summarized what we’ve already learned about the tech data, camera, memory, battery, and chip here:

Possible specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Monitor: 6,8 Zoll AMOLED (3088 x 1440 pixels)
chip: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
RAM: Eight or twelve gigabytes
storage capacity: 256 or 512 gigabytes, one terabyte
back camera: 200 MP main camera, 12 MP ultra wide angle camera, 10 MP telephoto (triple zoom), 10 MP telephoto (10x zoom)
front camera: twelve megapixels
Batteries tray: 5000 mAh
Dimensions: Approximately 16.2 cm x 7.9 x 0.9 cm
Weight: about 232.5 grams


Samsung Galaxy S smartphones are known for their excellent cameras and perhaps Samsung would like to continue this tradition. We expect again Four camera modules On the back of the smartphone with an extension 200 megapixel primary cameraAnd zwölf Megapixel Ultraweitwinkelkamera And The two 10-megapixel telephoto cameras with triple and ten times zoom. While the ultra-wide-angle and telephoto cameras are already built into the Samsung Galaxy S22, the 200MP main camera is a massive improvement over the current 108MP main camera. photos even in bad conditions.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is likely to offer different storage options again. What’s new is that The smallest option is now at 256GB You must lie. That’s twice the equivalent of the current S22 Ultra. In addition, the S23 Ultra should also come 512 GB or terabytes of storage Be available. Ahmed Koueider posted this on Twitter.

In addition, according to Asif Iqbal Sheikh Von “Sammobile” The new Ultra is also claimed to be with Two memory options will come to market: Eight and twelve gigabytes. Currently there is only an eight gigabyte option.

Batteries tray

The battery in the new generation Ultra should remain unchanged. This means capacity 5000 mAh. What’s new is that the battery life is increased by as much as possible Power saving mode can be extended.


So far there has been a lot of discussion about the chip in the Samsung Galaxy S23 generation. So far, Samsung has installed different chipsets in different regions. However, that should change with the new generation. This is how it should be The Qualcomm chip can be installed in all of the new S23 devices – More precisely Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. According to a leaked transcript of an internal Qualcomm meeting, that have been available here for some timebut is now protected.

When can you order and buy the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra?

After the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was introduced at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on February 1, 2023, maybe you can Pre-order immediately afterwards and buys. The pre-order stage usually takes about two weeks, so that the mobile phone will reach you in time for the release date. Samsung also often offers trade-in packages and deals for older devices to make the switch to the new generation more attractive. You can only officially buy the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in stores or online after its release. When exactly that happens, we’ll reveal once we know more.

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