Sea of ​​Thieves wants to take action against unfair piracy

actually enters Sea of ​​Thieves About bad hackers, and you are one of them. Obviously, you shouldn’t be so mean, at least not to other pirates.

What is Sea of ​​Thieves?

  • In Sea of ​​Thieves, you play the role of pirates who are always in search of the next treasure and sail across the sea on their ships.
  • After a difficult start Sea of ​​Thieves has just kept getting better and better over the years It is now a really good game.
  • As befits a pirate, you can also rob other pirates, that is, players. This is exactly where some players behave in a very unsportsmanlike manner.

Season 8 brought a lot of new content to Sea of ​​Thieves. Watch the season trailer for the pirate game here:

Sea of ​​Thieves: Die Features from Season 8

How does PvP work: Originally, Sea of ​​Thieves had an open PvP system, where players can simply fight each other at any time. However, it was not good, as some villains took their treasures from new or inexperienced players before they reached the safe shore.

The system has been revised, but there are still some Gamers who frankly intimidated the game. Now developer Rare has completely overhauled PvP with a new feature.

Since Season 8, which started in November 2022, PvP fans can now choose and join one of two factions. They then have the opportunity to chase ships from the other faction and dust off rewards for doing so.

In the open world, you fight each other in epic battles with your ships, usually 1v1. Ships not affiliated with passing factions are usually exempted, but can automatically choose to take part in battle – and join either side.

But this leads to problems, as a user on reddit explains:

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“It’s not meant that way.”

What is the problem now? The new system means that some players seem to agree. They took advantage of the opportunity to engage in battles.

As two antagonists meet, the uninvolved apparently join the fray and immediately shift the balance in force in favor of their partners, with about two ships now competing against one. This practice appears to be widespread.

The developers agree that this should not happen and is not intended. In the latest update on January 19th, they brought changes that should make unfair fights less attractive.

Along with the update, a new adventure, The Secret Wilds, has been released:

Sea of ​​Thieves: Secret Wilderness Adventure

This is how the developers react: Shortly after the new system went live and the first players complained, a moderator on reddit said that this was “not the planned way” to play the mod.

Now, with the January 19, 2023 update, Rare wants to take action against this unfair piracy. Den’s patch notes From the update it says:

  • The chance of encountering a multi-ship battle has been reduced
  • Crews that join a battle between two faction ships will not receive any rewards

It remains to be seen if the changes are enough to bring the gameplay to an end.

The fact that Sea of ​​Thieves promotes unfair play and not necessarily sportsmanship has been an issue for a long time and isn’t necessarily something that seems to bother many players, even if it happens in tournaments:

Twitch Streamer Furious Over Dirty Syllabus In €32,000 Tournament – “Is This Allowed?”

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