Security does not allow Bushido to enter the new villa

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Nothing works without his wife.

Just migrate to Dubai – no small feat even for the famous couple.

In the first episode of the RTL documentary “Bushido & Anna-Maria – It’s All in the Family”, fans witnessed a messy arrival and an even more chaotic move, as the rapper was almost lost without his wife.

Bushido is not allowed in his home

After landing at the airport in Dubai Anna Maria (41)’s nerves were frayed: the children screamed and had to drag a total of 30 suitcases to the rented villa.

She drove with the eight kids to move home — but she was already at the end of her strength: “The stress level was so overwhelming in this car that I almost had a nervous breakdown.”

Arriving at the luxurious new home didn’t make it any better: there were no furniture or items for the kids. There was also pain in Anna Maria’s leg, as she had just had an operation for capsule inflammation.

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Bushido’s wife struggled limping while unloading the bag: “I noticed how my legs were beating, how they really were beating.” Meanwhile, her husband was still stuck in traffic and only got home at four o’clock in the morning. gated community).

However, the apartment complex’s security was waiting there, who refused to let the rapper go into the house. Even the numerous attempts at explanation did not convince the security guards, they demanded Anna Maria’s consent. Bushido, 44, couldn’t believe his ears: “You want me to call my wife and then say ‘yes’?

Shortly thereafter, she gave her consent, so that Bushido was allowed to enter the common house at his mercy. Vigilant security still had the rapper on their radar and rang the doorbell shortly thereafter: They had no evidence that the Ferchichis had actually rented the house.

Annoyed, Bushido demanded an explanation the next day: “I’m not going to rob the house here tonight.” But he already felt safer than in Germany: “It’s good to see that they’re really looking at what’s going on there. That’s also why we’re going there.”

Zoff’s mattress in Love’s Nest

Bushido quickly regained his resting heart rate, while Ana Maria continued to toil and grumble: “This is the prime example of our marriage. I’m quite wired and he doesn’t understand why I’m so uptight. Everything’s always not a problem for him, because I make sure it’s not a problem.” !

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Bushido Instead, she enjoyed looking at the new bedroom and already having a mental cinema: “This is where maybe new kids are made again. So we made sure of each other and things like that, we’ve had it for twelve years straight.”

In bed, however, this does not work for the time being: after the container with the family’s belongings arrived from Germany in time for Bushido’s birthday, it turned out that the mattress in the house was too small for the custom-made bed.

Bushido would have preferred to estimate volume rather than take it, and thus annoyed Anna Maria again: “He lies too. He does not lie maliciously, but he often deceives me out of convenience. And that is what only children do.”

But the rapper can’t be brought out of his cool – he’s so relaxed, and Bushido still trusts his wife’s energy: “Tension is rare. My wife is sometimes nervous.”

Someone likes to lie on the made bed.

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