Senada Greca reveals that she is training with Kim Kardashian!

Fitness coach Like Greca About to see her follower count skyrocket. Well done.

On Thursday afternoon, Zentoa revealed that she’ll be training with the one and only “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star. Kim kardashian!

Instagram’s most ripped fitness trainer Senada Greca gets the honor of training Kim Kardashian!

Senada Jericha begins training Kim Kardashian in January 2023
Instagram | Like Greca

Senada Greca is often called the “most shredded woman” Instagram For her ability to beat the Dragon Flag Challenge and her incredible core strength, however, it looks like she’ll help the reality star of “The Kardashians” get super fit in the gym!

On Thursday afternoon, social media tagged Kim in a photo of Kim taking a selfie at the gym. “The hardest working woman in the room!” Senada called her in the caption. “Yes, you heard that right! It is an honor to train with Kim and see the person she really is: hard working, dedicated, consistent and caring.”

Senada Claims Kim K “Never Complains” While Working Out!

Senada Jericha begins training Kim Kardashian in January 2023
Instagram | Like Greca

She continued, “She works for two hours and never complains even when I push what she thinks are her limits.” I know the power inside of her, and now, together, we’re working on Kim’s strengthening of her power. Very excited about this trip.”

She added, “btw, peep @zentoa’s outfit on kim.” “I can’t get over how amazing it looks on her.” Kim wrote in the comments, “I am so excited for our trip. Your strength is with you.”

Fans have a lot of mixed reactions about Senada’s new minion!

Like Greca
Instagram | Like Greca

Senada’s followers were understandably shocked, with more than one user lighting up the comments section with a laughing emoji. “Hmm, I’d like to see her. So far, all we’ve seen of the Kardashians working out is bad form,” one user commented.

“Good for you, Senada! You are simply the best in the business, who wouldn’t want to work with you? another user asked. “Senada is an elite trainer,” gushed a third fan. “I loved you but it’s just not for me…. Praise a woman who literally faked plastic and smh procedures,” another follower shared.

Some fans are looking forward to seeing Kim’s new gains!

Like Greca
Instagram | Like Greca

“Oh no! You were my favorite. I know you might not care, but I don’t follow you back,” another former follower commented. “She is lucky to be able to afford to have you as a trainer!!” Another fan shared. “I hope you will be adequately compensated,” another user agreed. I lost all credibility with this partnership. It’s time to find a new app. What a shame,” said another former follower.

“She worked so hard for your body. She bought it for her,” another user commented. “Mmmm not the flex you think is better than luck,” another follower wrote. While there were plenty of followers who didn’t approve of Senada’s new client, there were plenty of fans who encouraged Kim to follow Senada’s progress and grow on her fitness journey.

Senada Greca shows off her heartthrob as she takes on the Dragon Flag Challenge!

In one of her intense Instagram The famous fitness trainer has performed so many abs exercises, including scissor rolls, high knees, flutter kicks, and straight fists, that fans can literally see her muscles trembling. She recommends that her followers perform the exercises for fifteen to thirty seconds with thirty seconds of rest in between and repeat for four rounds.

“It’s been a minute since my last Dragon Flags. I’ve lost a bit of muscle strength and definition, but I’m OK with that,” she wrote in the caption. “I’ve enjoyed the last four weeks of traveling Europe, but I can’t wait to get back to my routine tomorrow.”

Senada Greca in a pink cut-out dress
Instagram | Like Greca

Wow, this is serious business. One fan commented, while another fan called her a “workout goddess.” Another follower assured her, “You still look amazing! Glad you had the chance to travel and have some fun! “

“These moves are so unique,” ​​tweeted another fan while another fan praised her “inspirational” workouts. Fans are excited to see how inspiring Kim Kardashian is and how much muscle she might gain, in training with Senada Jericha!

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