Shakira scores ice cold with Pique: Song becomes a massive hit

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Shakira dated Gerard Pique for 11 years.Photo: Daniel Cole/AP/dpa


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The split between Shakira and soccer star Gerard Pique was perhaps one of the most explosive celebrity events of 2022. Eleven years later a relationship Having two sons together, the couple announced their separation in June after it was leaked that Piqué wasn’t very specific about their loyalty.

Shakira herself told Elle magazine in September that she was going through the “most difficult and darkest hour of her life.” The 45-year-old indicated that the fraud surprised her. The singer explained at the time that she sometimes feels like “it’s all just a bad dream”.

It’s been over half a year since the breakup — and the Colombian is now highlighting the breakup in a new song.

Shakira settles her accounts with the former Pique

In April and November 2022, Shakira released two songs that appeared to be aimed at her ex-husband. On “Te felicito” she sings that she has been warned. Now I realize it was “just a mistake”. else Feeling Then the singer crossed in November with the song “Monotonía”: among other things, she said that neither of them was to blame and that she knew it would happen.

She has now released “Music Session #53” with musician Bizarrap. In the song, Shakira shot ex-husband Pique and the woman he allegedly cheated on with. The Colombian now sings something like:

“I traded Ferrari for a Twingo. I traded a Rolex for a Casio watch.”

In addition, the singer repeatedly confirms in the Spanish song that she is not coming back. She herself is a wolf, but he looks like a cat that she should have thrown away.

Shakira also mentions in the song how he left her debts to the tax office and the press at the door. Perhaps she was hinting at the lawsuit filed against her by the Barcelona prosecutor in July 2022. The reason was the Pandora Papers, in which Shakira was accused of tax evasion. The Spanish authorities accuse the singer of tax evasion in the amount of 14.5 million euros. However, Shakira completely denies the accusation and claims that the authorities deliberately harmed her reputation.

Shakira’s new song has become a viral hit

However, the musician was loudly celebrated for the new song. Many called on the epic track, especially praising the line that Thin She no longer cried, but immediately settled down:

“Women don’t cry anymore, women count.”

And when it comes to numbers, the feature has been quite a hit. on me Instagram The video has so far been viewed more than 64 million times.

Shakira and Gerard Pique officially split in June 2022.

Shakira and Gerard Pique officially split in June 2022.Bild: EFE/EPA/Andreu Dalmau

Public debate with Gerard Pique about children

Shakira has at least an official settlement of accounts with Gerard Pique. It is special because of the commonalities Kinder Still in contact with him. There was controversy only recently because Pique showed the nine-year-old Milan on a live broadcast where he spoke to sports stars and influencers.

Then Shakira turned to some Spanish media and confirmed that she did not give her consent. On the other hand, Pique explained that her son automatically wanted it that way.

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